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One Pokemon Fan Is Explaining How Useful Each ‘Mon Would Be In Real Life

Among Pokemon fans, of which there are very many, who hasn't dreamed of a world that is filled with the colourful critters in real life and not just as sprites and polygons. But one very dedicated fan has made it their mission to explain how each and every Pokemon could be useful in the real world. It's become a highly popular discussion online.

On Reddit, user u/Smeaglemehappy is providing a service: "Give me the name of Pokemon and I will tell you how they would fit into the real world be it for service, business, domestication, agriculture, decoration, anything!" they wrote. It's received thousands of comments while the OP has been incredibly dedicated to answering people's submissions, and they make for entertaining reading.

Spoink, one commentor offered. The OP duly obliged: "Spoink are used worldwide by EMS as defibrillators. They do their job well due to their constant motion and emission of low psychic frequencies," they wrote. "When Spoink die in America they are given burials of the highest honor, swaddled in their Spoink coffins with the American flag, bagpipes playing in the distance".

The OP appears to have a fertile imagination and their replies tend to be well thought through. On Gardevoir: "Gardevoir and humans have had a relationship tracing back to ancient times. Their soothing nature and fierce loyalty have made them wonderful companions. In recent times they are considered human by many, and even have voting rights in several countries. Some people claim that a nation can be judged by how well they treat their Gardevoir".

The OP has been doing a fine job answering submissions and has replies to the likes of Arcanine, Mime, Blaziken, Muk, Kommo-o, and many more. The entry for Kakuna is particularly memorable, since the OP said they would make a perfect pet for stoner college kids. Meanwhile, some entries are more pithy. On the mythical Pokemon Arceus, they wrote:

"You would find it only within the pages of this world's Bible. Non-believers are dubbed Arcnastics".

It's well worth checking out the entries via the thread linked above, and while away an afternoon reading through.

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