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One Fan Is Making A Half-Life Rogue-Lite

With backing from Patreon, a fan is developing a rogue-lite version of the original Half-Life.

Valve is pretty laid back when it comes to community mods and games, unlike a lot of other studios. It even sells them on its own storefront for better or worse as in the case of Black Mesa and Hunt Down the Freeman respectively. This newest venture comes from Daniel Almenara, otherwise known as Pinky, and it’s being worked on in the Unity engine. Good luck with the doors.

“For now, this is going to be a free game and will be available through gamejolt or Itch.io if everything goes as planned,” Pinky opened on their Patreon, “If we can convince Valve to publish this game on Steam, we will see…” Itch.io is currently available on the Epic Games Store so, when this launches, you’ll be able to play it with ease.

On Patreon, Pinky posts frequent updates and footage of the game itself. You can see the original model of Gordon Freeman while he mows down zombies in a sect of the Black Mesa facility. Unlike Half-Life’s typical first-person format, it’s top-down. You can even turn zombies to your side to fight for you as seen below.

Cut concepts from the original game and ideas from the Gearbox expansions are even making an appearance. For example, in the tweet embedded above, Pinky mentions the Chumtoad. This was a creature removed from the original. However, it was brought back in Opposing Force in two separate instances.

Pinky is also remastering certain textures in the game, keeping their retro ’90s aesthetic but adding more detail to them. Meanwhile, there’s long jumping, swimming, different characters, pushable and breakable boxes. unique animations, and more. It brings a wealth of Half-Life’s features to life in the modern-day while retaining the visuals, sound, and charm of the first game.

Right now, there are three tiers you can subscribe to. There’s £1.50 a month which gives you an in-game credits name as well as “extra content.” Pay £2.50 and you can gain late access to test builds. Or, if you pay £5.50 a month, you can get early access to test builds. Pinky stated, “With your help, I can invest more time in this project to make it happen as soon as possible while also implementing more features!”

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