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Oculus Quest 2 UK Deal: Get Headset For £276/£380 This Week

Facebook is unlikely to cut the price of its new VR headset anytime soon, but a new eBay promotion is already offering a great Oculus Quest 2 UK deal.

From today until later this week you can use promotional codes with the eBay store for UK retailer Argos to shave money off of both models of the new headset.

New Oculus Quest 2 UK Deal

For the 64GB version, enter the code ‘PRICE8‘ at the checkout to have £24 cut off the price, taking it down to £276. For the beefier 256GB version enter ‘PICK5OFF‘. The 64GB deal expires tomorrow, November 10th, while the 256GB deal goes down on Thursday, November 12th, so you have a little longer to decide on that front.

Like we said, third-party deals such as these are likely to be the only way to shave the price off of Quest 2 anytime soon. Facebook’s new standalone headset launched last month and, according to the company, saw strong pre-orders. At £299 for the 64GB model, it’s also a pretty cheap proposition in the first place.

That said don’t forget that the dreaded Black Friday takes place later this month and it’s possible we see more discount codes that either match or beat this current deal. We think Quest 2 is an amazing headset provided you’re okay with linking the kit to a Facebook account. If the first Quest was anything to go by, expect the new device to be a big focus for Facebook and VR developers going forward.

Will you be taking advantage of this Oculus Quest 2 UK deal? Let us know in the comments below!


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