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Octopath Traveler: Champions Of The Continent – Nameless Town Guide

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In Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent, you will be able to upgrade and develop your own town, known as the Nameless Town. Here, you can build houses, invite NPCs, and construct infrastructure to gather resources for upgrading your party.

The Nameless Town is a place you will visit often, and will be upgraded as you progress through the main story of the game. Let's take a look at how to unlock the Nameless Town, how to upgrade it, and what to do there each day.

How To Unlock The Nameless Town

To unlock the Nameless Town, you'll need to accept the quest Seen in a Dream in Theatropolis from Nephti. This quest will appear after completing chapter three of the Master of Wealth, Power, or Fame stories.

Later on, as you develop the Nameless Town, you'll need to progress further into the story to unlock additional Nameless Town quests.

The Nameless Wasteland

To the east of the Nameless Town, you can find the Nameless Wasteland. Here, you can battle Elite enemies that drop materials used to develop the town. These enemies respawn every 24 hours, starting from when you kill them. Nameless Wasteland Elites do not respawn at the daily reset, so be sure to stay on top of killing these enemies at roughly the same time each day.

How To Get Memory Shards

Memory Shards are an essential resource for developing your town. They will help you skip past daily timers by buying materials outright, and are necessary for purchasing other items used in town development.

Memory Shards can be obtained in the following ways.

TaskMemory Shards Rewarded
Complete 3 Daily Tasks20 Memory Shards
Sell Sturdy Lumber, Sturdy Stone, or Sturdy Hide5 Memory Shards each

After completing the first three upgrades to the Nameless Town, you will no longer need Sturdy Lumber, Stone, and Hides. These can be safely sold to gain more Memory Shards, which are used for a number of materials later in the development of the town, as well as other important items like equipment and Guidestones.

Nameless Town Upgrades

After unlocking the Nameless Town, you can now begin upgrading it. The upgrades detailed below are what are currently available in the game, and more will be added in future updates.

If a quest for developing the town doesn't appear, you may need to progress more in the main story before it does.

Town Upgrade 1

The first upgrade to the Nameless Town is to add its first house that you can rest in. To complete this quest, you'll need to bring one Sturdy Lumber to Nephti.

Sturdy Lumber can be obtained by defeating the Sturdy Creeping Treant in the Nameless Wasteland to the east of town. Alternatively, you can purchase a Sturdy Lumber from the exchange shop for ten Memory Shards.

Town Upgrade 2

After building your first house, you will now be able to build a house and invite an NPC to stay in it. To complete this quest, you'll need to bring three Sturdy Stone to Nepthi.

Sturdy Stone can be obtained by defeating the Sturdy Rock Tortoise in the Wasteland, or by purchasing it for ten Memory Shards in the exchange. If you only kill the Elite enemy, this step will take three days to complete.

Town Upgrade 3

The third upgrade to the Nameless Town is another house, allowing you to invite the second NPC to the town. To complete this quest, you'll need to deliver six Sturdy Hide to Nepthi.

Sturdy Hide can be obtained by defeating the Sturdy War Wolf six times in the Wasteland, or by purchasing them from the exchange for ten Memory Shards each.

Town Upgrade 4 – Nut Farm

The fourth upgrade to your town is the addition of the Nut Farm, where you can grow and harvest experience Nuts each day. For this quest, you'll need to deliver a Nut Garden Manual.

This item can only be obtained by purchasing it in the exchange for 90 Memory Shards. Complete your Daily Tasks and trade in excess Sturdy materials to get enough Memory Shards to buy the Nut Garden Manual.

Nut Farm Upgrade 1

Next, you will be able to upgrade the Nut Farm, increasing the amount and level of experience Nuts the farm produces. To complete the first upgrade to the Nut Farm, you'll need to deliver a Nut Garden Field Notes and five Fertile Soil.

Fertile Soil can be purchased in the exchange for 30 Memory Shards each. The Nut Garden Field Notes must be obtained by Entreating an NPC in Clearbrook. This town is unlocked during Chapter 3 of the Master of All story, so keep clearing the main story quests if you haven't unlocked it yet.

Nut Farm Upgrade 2

The second upgrade to the Nut Farm will further increase the amount and quality of Nuts obtained. To complete this quest, you'll need to deliver a second Nut Garden Field Notes, and ten Fertile Soil.

The second Field Notes can be obtained from an NPC in Cragspear by using your Path Actions, and the Fertile Soil is obtained in the same way as the previous step. Keep in mind you'll need to spend a total of 300 Memory Shards to get all the Fertile Soil you need, so be sure to sell your excess Sturdy materials.

Nameless Town Daily Checklist

As mentioned above, the Nameless Town has several activities that can be completed each day. Listed below are each of the activities you'll want to complete to get the most out of your town.

Use Path Actions on available NPCs20 hours after useSturdy Materials, Experience Nuts
Defeat Elite enemies in Nameless Wasteland24 hours after useSturdy Materials
Harvest Experience Nuts from Nut FarmDaily ResetTaste Experience Nuts

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