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Nomura Chose Making Kingdom Hearts 4 Over Verum Rex Because He Was "Worried" About Sora

Tetsuya Nomura has revealed that he chose making Kingdom Hearts 4 over a Verum Rex game because he would be "worried about Sora" if he didn't.

Kingdom Hearts 4 was just announced earlier today and showed that the next game will take place in Quadratum, the world where Yozora and his friends are from. Following ReMind's ending, many fans guessed that the next game in the series would be a game that bridged the gap between three and four, possibly starring Yozora, the Noctis-esque character that was a major part of the ReMind DLC and the Toy Story world.

Well, fans were somewhat right to have that hunch. As reported by aibo_c7, Tetsuya Nomura has revealed that he did consider making a Verum Rex game, but chose to make another Kingdom Hearts game instead, as he'd be too worried about Sora otherwise.

According to aibo_c7, Nomura appeared on the stage after showing off the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer and said, "I was wondering whether to make KH4 or [Verum Rex], but I decided to go to KH4 because I would be worried about Sora."

Nomura being worried about Sora is pretty appropriate considering he was essentially killed at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3 for abusing the Power of Waking to revive his friends. The ReMind DLC revealed that he was stuck in Quadratum, Yozora's world, which was revealed to be the "afterworld" for Kingdom Hearts characters in the reveal trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4.

Although Nomura isn't making a Verum Rex game and Kingdom Hearts 4 clearly puts the focus on Sora once more, Quadratum is where Yozora comes from, so it's very likely that he'll feature in the game in a significant role.

Details for Kingdom Hearts 4 are currently pretty slim, with only the one reveal trailer and a press release from Square Enix released so far. Sonme of the things we do know about it are that it's currently running on Unreal Engine 4, but will transition to Unreal Engine 5 soon, and that it won't show up at during any events this Summer.

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