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Nolan North Improvised His Latest Role

Improv is tough. It’s more than trying to tell jokes from scratch – it’s about being able to think on your feet, and building out a whole scene from nothing. It’s a skill that even the best comedians and actors don’t always have.

Nolan North, however, has nothing to worry about on that front. That’s why, upon learning his entire role in Dirt 5 would be improvised, the acting veteran didn’t sweat it. I got the chance to talk with North last week, and he filled me in on his exciting new turn in the upcoming next-gen racer.

“There was no script. It was all 100% improvisation, in a podcast format,” North told me. “I was given this incredibly lengthy and immersive backstory on Bruno Durant – the antagonist of the game. Not the villain. Not the bad guy. But the antagonist. [I was given] his backstory, his life, his upbringing. His likes, dislikes, his successes and his failures – which were very, very few.”

After he “immersed” himself in what he described as “the bible of who [Bruno] is,” North then sat down with a group of podcasters to record all of his audio for the game.

“So, I showed up the day of,” North began. “I basically sat down, we had our podcasters at Donut Media sit down and just start interviewing me like I’m Bruno. Some people say, ‘isn’t that hard?’ But no. With improv, there’s no mistakes. I know who the character is now. If I make a mistake, there’s somebody right there through the glass.”

North continued. “That was it! It was immersive, and it was so interesting. There were bullet points of certain things we wanted to hit, but how we got to them and how they were mentioned was a very collaborative thing.”

Of course, there are consequences when it comes to recording like this – humorous ones, even.

“I don’t remember a single thing I said!” Nolan laughed. “So I can’t wait to play this game, just to see how they put this whole story together.”

We can’t wait, either. Dirt 5 launches on November 10.

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