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No next gen price increase for games claims Ubisoft

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion will not cost £5 more on Xbox Series X and PS5, unlike some other next gen games.

Not only do we not know how much the next gen consoles are going to cost but it’s not clear how much the games are going to be either, with some early titles, such as NBA 2K21, listing a £64.99 price tag.

Whether that will become the norm or not is unclear, but analysts have suggested that only ‘flagship’ games will carry that price; just as now only the very biggest games dare to charge £59.99.

You might have thought that games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla would qualify as flagship but according to Ubisoft none of their next gen games released this year will cost more than normal -although that could change next year.


Watch Dogs: Legion is out in October and Assassin’s Creed in November, but Far Cry 6 will not launch until next February – so it’s price tag isn’t guaranteed.

Since the price of games isn’t up to Sony or Microsoft you’re likely to see a lot of price variation amongst different publishers, especially early on as they work out what they can get away with.

Ubisoft’s current stance was announced during an earnings call with investors, in which it also revealed that the next Ubisoft Forward preview event would be in September.

CEO Yves Guillemot also addressed the recent swathe of executive resignations due to allegations of sexual misconduct and bullying, denying that he was at fault for either ignoring the complaints or being unaware of them.

‘Each time we’ve been made aware of misconduct, we made tough decisions, and made sure that those decisions had a clear and positive impact’, he said.

‘It has now become clear that certain individuals betrayed the trust I placed in them, and didn’t adhere to Ubisoft’s shared values. So I have never compromised on my core values and ethics, and I never will.’

Ubisoft has committed itself to a new code of conduct and training regime for new employees, while recruitment for new editorial team members, after the previous ones were forced to resign, will give priority to more diverse candidates.


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