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No Man’s Sky: How To Fix Your Ship

One of the first challenges you encounter in No Man’s Sky is that you must repair your ship in order to leave the first planet. You are thrown into an unknown world where you know nothing except that your health is slowly depleting due to the climate conditions. You are given little direction and it can make it difficult to figure out what you need to do in order to find the right components.

It is up to you to decide your fate and figure out your role in the universe, and it all starts with the repair of your ship. You might be confused in No Man’s Sky about how to fix it at first, but with a few tips, you will be sailing into the atmosphere in no time.

What Needs To Be Repaired?

It can take some time to reach your ship as you need to make sure your scanner is repaired before beginning this challenge, which is something you need to learn how to do. All you have to do is use your mining tool to destroy rocks in order to gather 75 Ferrite Dust to fix it. This will make it easier for you to find the items you need, as well as various locations across the map.

Your ship requires you two fix two major components, and they are:

  • Pulse Engine
  • Launch Thruster

You need to find the materials to craft the various items needed to repair these integral parts of your ship. They can be collected across the planet’s surface, but some are a bit more involved than others and it will put you that much closer to obtaining your first Class S ship.

Pulse Engine

The first part you should focus on is called the Pulse Engine, and you have to collect two items in order to repair it:

  • 1x Metal Plating
  • 1x Hermetic Seal

Metal Plating

You might be able to craft the Metal Plating when you reach the ship if you were an overachiever when collecting the Ferrite Dust to repair your scanner.

Basically, it is the same process as you just need to use the mining tool to destroy rocks until you have 50 Ferrite Dust. The good news is that you don’t need to travel far away from your ship as there is plenty in the vicinity for you to collect.

If you are struggling to figure out how to craft, all you need to do is access your inventory and click on one of the empty slots. It will pull up the possible blueprints and from these, you need to choose the Metal Plating. However, if you don’t have any room, you will need to drop something before it will allow you to craft an item.

Hermetic Seal

Once you have repaired the Pulse Engine with the Metal Plating while inside the ship you will then be prompted to find the Hermetic Seal. A message will pop up on your screen telling you to salvage the Planetary Chart from the Distress Beacon Cache, which can be seen from the cockpit of your ship.

After you have added the Planetary Chart to your inventory you have to click on it in order to plot a route, and it is something a lot of players don’t realize they can do. It will then show up on your screen as a red marker that you need to reach, as this is where you can collect this item.

When you are making your way to this marker, don’t stop to smell the roses as an elemental storm is fast approaching. It is best to enter the base as soon as possible when you arrive by simply walking in front of the doors as this will signal them to open.

Now that you are inside, and safe from the elements, you will see two boxes on the wall. One will prompt you to pick up a Research Specimen, while the other is a Holo-Archive, which is where the Hermetic Seal is located.

After you have placed it in your inventory, you can then head back to the ship and finish repairing the Pulse Engine. However, you must first build the Analysis Visor to find your ship. It will require one Carbonanotube to create, and it is one tip that is crucial for beginners.

Once it is installed you need to use it, and then your ship will appear in white on the compass at the top of your screen.

Launch Thruster

When it comes to repairing the Launch Thruster you will need to collect these materials:

  • 1x Di-Hydrogen Jelly
  • 50x Pure Ferrite

Di-Hydrogen Jelly

Di-Hydrogen Jelly is easy to construct, especially if you made good use of your journey to collect the Hermetic Seal. All you need to do is collect 40 Di-Hydrogen Crystals with your mining tool, and they look like a blue rock sticking out of the ground. Your scanner will also pick them up and this resource will show up as a blue symbol with an ‘H’ in the middle.

Next, you will need to craft the Di-Hydrogen jelly in your exo-suit and then head back to your ship to repair the Launch Thruster.

Pure Ferrite

The final material you need to collect is Pure Ferrite, but it must be made using the Portable Refiner which can be created with these materials:

  • 1x Metal Plate (50x Ferrite Dust)
  • 30x Oxygen

You can find the Oxygen by using your scanner to search the surrounding area and it will come in the form of a pickable plant. The Metal Plating can be constructed in your crafting menu with 50 Ferrite Dust.

Once you have gathered all the materials you can place the Portable Refiner. Next, you need to put in a fuel (Carbon is a great choice) and then place 50 Ferrite Dust in the input. The output will be Pure Ferrite which can then be used to fix your ship’s Launch Thruster so you can head off to the next planet.

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