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No Man’s Sky gets ANOTHER massive update – Check out the new features

No Man’s Sky continues to go from strength to strength, as Hello Games releases the second major update of 2023. The new Interceptor update introduces multiple new features to the humungous space exploration game. This includes a selection of corrupted planets, a brand new range of Sentinel Interceptor starships, new resources, new enemies and a spate of Interceptor jetpacks, cockpits and lots more. Hello Games also makes countless improvements to the virtual reality experience, as well as the usual array of bug fixes. You can see all the changes by checking out the patch notes below.

No Man’s Sky Interceptor update patch notes


• Hostile Sentinel interceptor starships are now procedurally generated from a wide variety of parts.

• Players are now able to track down and repair a crashed Sentinel interceptor in order to repair it and claim it for their own fleet.

• A unique repair mission has been added to guide players through the salvage process.

• There are a variety of ways to locate a downed interceptor, including…

 – destroying a Sentinel capital ship

 – completing a bespoke story encounter

 – defeating new corrupted Sentinel planetary forces

 – via mysterious new abandoned encampments.

• Player-owned interceptors have a unique cockpit.

• Player-owned interceptors have a unique planetary flight model, with the ability to hover.


• A number of improvements have been made to the locomotion system for Sentinel Quadrupeds, reducing visual glitches and jittering.

• Sentinel Quadrupeds are now more mobile in combat, moving frequently and making better use of their pounce and jump attacks.

• Sentinel Quadrupeds now have a wider range of targeting, allowing them to track players without having to reposition.

• Sentinel Quadrupeds can now use active camouflage to cloak themselves while evading player attacks.

• Corrupted Sentinel drones have been reworked visually.

• Corrupted Sentinel drones can now heal each other.

• Corrupted drones now make better use of cover.

• Corrupted drones now choose from a range of weaponry, including rapid fire projectiles; a close-range blaster; long-distance grenades; and a flamethrower.

• A large, ground-based corrupted Sentinel unit has been added.

• This heavily-armoured semi-arachnid machine benefits from its own stealth mode and long-distance pounce attack, as well as a flamethrower and grenade based weapons.

• Their highly mobile body and leg setup allows rapid sideways movement and continual player tracking.

• These enemies come in both large single varieties, and a smaller, swarming variety. The swarm variant is more aggressive in melee range, and will self-destruct at low health levels…

• A new unique resource has been added as collectable loot from these corrupted quadrupeds.



• Some planets that previously generated extreme sentinels have now become corrupted worlds.

• Corrupted worlds have their own unique array of planetary Sentinel forces.

• Corrupted worlds are also home to dissonance resonators, strange extraction machines guarded by corrupted Sentinels.

• Corrupted Sentinel planets have their own unique resources and objects.

• New refiner recipes have been added for corrupted Sentinel resources.

• Corrupted worlds have a new unique lighting/visual effect.

• Newly corrupted worlds that previously had superheated rainstorms have new and stranger storms.

• A new building type, the Harmonic Camp, has been added exclusively to corrupted worlds. These mysterious abandoned encampments are home to many secrets…

• A new mission is available at the Nexus, requiring players to work together to destroy the new machinery found on corrupted worlds.

• New player titles have been added for those brave enough to battle corrupted Sentinels.


• A new section has been added to the Wonders catalogue, “Personal Records”.

• This section allows players to assign any planet, creature, flora or mineral discovery to its own custom wonder category.

• Personal records are all assigned their own player-chosen name.

• Personal records can be assigned from within the catalogue, or directly from any of the discovery pages.

• Personal records can be overwritten with other discoveries, or discarded entirely to create space for new categories.


• A new class of salvaged Multi-Tool has been added.

• These hybrid Sentinel/salvaged tools are found at mysterious harmonic encampments on corrupted Sentinel worlds.

• These Multi-Tools come in a range of classes, C to S, and are unlocked by defeating the harmonic lockdown at the encampment.

• Salvaged Multi-Tools are acquired for free but will require custom repairs to fully unlock all available inventory slots.


• A new style of jetpack customisation has been added, the Aeron Turbojet.

• Unlock this new Sentinel-themed jetpack by following clues found at mysterious encampments on corrupted Sentinel worlds.

• A number of new customisation options have been added to the forthcoming items for the Quicksilver shop, including cloth-based hoods for Geks and a new cape design. These items will appear for unlock via community research in the near future.


• The various maintenance and repair UI screens now use a more informative error message when unable to repair the selected item.

• Technologies that are ready to repair are now highlighted with an inventory slot animation on the various maintenance and repair UI screens.

• Extreme or corrupted Sentinels are now highlighted when looking at planetary information through the Analysis Visor.

• The mission notification now has a darker backing when piloting a starship in first person, to make mission text more readable when displayed over cockpit details.

• The “Switch Multi-Tool” option has been repositioned in the Quick Menu for easier access.

• The “Change Secondary Weapon Mode” icon in the Quick Menu has been redesigned for clarity.


• The Sentinel capital ship deployed at a 5-star wanted level in space is now destructible.

• Defeating the capital ship will clear the wanted level back to 0, and will award players a unique item to help them track down their own crashed Sentinel interceptor.

• Fixed an issue that caused Sentinel capital ships to use an incorrect warp-in effect.

• Fixed an issue that prevented Sentinel capital ships from launching additional interceptors when their current complement was defeated.

• The starship’s final usable weapon will no longer be damaged by enemy fire.

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