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No Man’s Sky Fan Builds An Underwater City Within The Game’s Ocean

There are some people who will play the main quest of a game straight through, and some who will focus more on side quests for full completion. Then there are others who will disregard the aforementioned completely, and push game boundaries to their limit.

No Man’s Sky fan “Chongsparks” is one of those thrill seekers, and he has built an entire city within the submerged expanse of the game’s ocean. The aquatic metropolis – titled the “Thermal Underwater Research Development” – seemed to be constructed in the spur of the moment with no end goal in sight. The creator has detailed the building process on his Twitter for the last 18 months, and some insight into the labyrinth’s design was supplied to PC Gamer.

“I always choose location first and let the landscape decide what should be built,” Chongsparks explained, adding how the construction’s growth would almost manifest by itself. The creator admitted that most builds which are planned “end up going nowhere”, which is the reason behind this spectacle’s unplanned success. In-game visitors are free to admire the city jostling with colorful energy by using glyph codes to teleport there. Chongsparks was sneaky in making the facility seem larger than it actually is – working within the game’s object limit – therefore, visitors will only be able to experience a portion of its splendor.

The creator also shared some tips that builders use to create Inception-like worlds within No Man’s Sky. They said that dead worlds in the game are best for building, and that avoiding “high point value build parts” are essential too. They also pointed out that builders will use “brilliantly creative glitching”, which Chongsparks only used a little of. These tricks have allowed builders to create replicas of Doom’s E1M1 and the Notre Dame in-game, and now this creator’s underwater exhibition has been added to the list of No Man’s Sky’s tourist attractions.

Developer Hello Games released a significant patch for No Man’s Sky back in November, designed to fix the bugs that plagued the title’s next-gen release. Patch 3.12 adjusted the game’s brightness level for the PS5, and water droplets were made visible for the Xbox Series X/S – returning the game to its original, immersive state.

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