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Nintendo: Guessing What The Favorite Song Of 10 Iconic Characters Would Be

While gaming is a favorite medium for millions of people around the world, many love themselves a great song as well. Your favorite song could be of any genre, mood, or style, but what makes it your favorite is entirely unique to you. Those with a love for gaming and music may have wondered what their favorite characters' songs might be.

It’s surprisingly tricky to guess what a Nintendo character’s favorite song is since many of the characters have very little history outside of the games in which they appear. A character like Link has tons of unique iterations, but a character so tied to music must have a favorite song. With that said, there are plenty of iconic Nintendo characters who would likely love some of your favorite songs.

10 Little Mac – Gonna Fly Now

There are tons of classic fight songs that could potentially be a favorite of Punch Out’s Little Mac, but Gonna Fly Now by Bill Conti is likely the up-and-coming boxing champ's favorite song. For those that don’t know, that song is famously featured in the Rocky series.

There are tons of parallels that could be drawn between Rocky and Little Mac. Both aren’t the biggest guys around, both take on massive, boastful foes, and both go from humble beginnings to becoming world champions. One might even guess that Little Mac would pop the song on before his biggest bouts.

9 Luigi – The Ghostbusters Theme

Luigi is kind of a goofy character, which made it all the more surprising that his solo titles focus on taking on ghosts to save Mario. Because of that, it’s probably that Luigi’s favorite song is actually Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.

The upbeat tune is bouncy and a little goofy, something that a character like Luigi would likely appreciate. The lyrics repeating the idea of not being afraid of ghosts is the exact thing Luigi would need to hear as he makes it through his own haunted locations, plus the idea of the green plumber quietly singing the song to himself as he creeps around is hilarious.

8 Donkey Kong – Welcome To The Jungle

While the obvious choice for a character like Donkey Kong would be a song that prominently features bongos, Donkey Kong’s dominant and occasionally boastful attitude says otherwise. A likely candidate for his favorite song might be Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N’ Roses.

Most people have probably heard the incredibly famous rock song at some point in their lives, so picturing Donkey Kong rushing around the jungle to put a stop to King K. Rool’s forces with that song in the background is something both he and gamers everywhere might love.

7 Pit – Learn To Fly

One of the famous Nintendo characters that a lot of people seem to know little about is Kid Icarus’s Pit. He’s a heroic and upbeat flightless angel, something that makes the hit Foo Fighters song, Learn To Fly, a perfect choice for his favorite song.

What better song for a hero who fights against the odds than a hopeful and driving rock song that can help him find the strength to carry on with his adventures. Rocking out to a song about wanting to fly is something that Pit would likely enjoy in his free time.

6 Fox McCloud – Danger Zone

There is almost no clearer choice for what song might be Fox McCloud’s favorite song than Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins. The song was famously featured in the iconic movie revolving around flying around, Top Gun.

The song makes sense for a lot of reasons. The song is incredibly energetic, something that matches the tone of his games perfectly, but the lyrics also go along with his situations. Fox is pretty much always in a danger zone as he’s flying due to the nature of his dangerous missions.

5 Red – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

Most gamers agree that the most famous protagonist from the Pokemon series is the canonical hero of the original games, Red. While just about any song about adventure is a contender for his favorite, a strong guess would be the often-memed song, I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers.

If you substitute the romantic undertones of the song with a love and longing for adventure, there’s almost no better choice. Even before you get the option to ride around on the bike, you’ll feel like you’ve already walked 500 miles thanks to the slower pace of the original games.

4 Link – Hard Times

With all the different iterations of Link, it’s almost impossible to pick one song that would act as an all-encompassing favorite for Link. Even picking a genre is tough, but a decent guess is a bit more of an energetic track from Paramore, Hard Times.

In just about all of his appearances, Link finds himself making the most out of the tough situations he finds himself in. Whether it’s recovering lost memories, simply saving a princess, or obtaining medallions, Link does everything he can to fight through the hard times with a smile on his face.

3 Kirby – Take My Breath

One look at Kirby’s design and the way the pink puffball usually acts and most people would likely guess that it’s a big fan of hit music. A bouncy modern track that bounces between fun pop and a bit of a serious edge would be perfect, something that makes The Weeknd’s Take My Breath a great choice.

Kirby often dances around after completing levels, and there’s no doubt that the adorable blob would love to bop around to a track like that. If you take its edgier North American localizations into account, the song still fits due to its more mysterious and breathier moments.

2 Samus Aran – Tom Sawyer

A kind of techno-bop would be a great choice for Samus on the surface, but that wouldn’t do service to the power that comes along with a great character like her. A likely candidate for her favorite song might be Tom Sawyer by Rush.

The classic rock song has some techno vibes to it while also putting out some strong and inspiring rock sounds that could get Samus amped up for her next mission. Many of her fans would probably agree it’s likely a song in her playlist that she’d listen to on her gunship.

1 Mario – Jump Up, Super Star!

While there are plenty of potential songs that could be Mario’s favorite, it’s likely to be Jump Up, Super Star! By The Super Mario Players feat. Kate Davis. The fun and bouncy track is featured heavily in Super Mario Odyssey and quickly became a fan favorite.

It’s one of the few instances in the Mario series in which we actually see Mario experiencing a full song, so it’s likely it would be his favorite for that reason alone. Few songs cheer the iconic plumber on as well as this one, so it’s likely one he’d keep in all of his playlists.

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