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Nier Replicant: How To Ride Boars

When it comes to getting around in Nier Replicant, eventually you’re going to want a mount so that you can travel a lot faster than you would by simply running around on foot. Fortunately, the game offers a solution to this in the form of boars that you can ride.

There is also an achievement/trophy for riding a boar for at least five minutes called “All Aboared!”. However, before you can ride a boar mount, you first need to complete a quest in order to unlock this feature. Here’s a complete guide on what you need to do.

Boar Hunt! Quest Walkthrough

As soon as quests become available in your village (you’ll get a notification pop up on your screen about it), head to the southwest of the village where all the merchants are. As you enter this street, on your left is an old man sat on some crates.

Speak to this NPC to begin the “Boar Hunt!” quest, where the old man asks you to kill a boar that is causing havoc in the Northern Plains. He also instructs you to ensure that you obtain a Boar Tusk.

Next, you want to head to the Northern Plains by taking the northern exit out of Nier’s village. The wild boar will be roaming on the east side of the Northern Plains, which is over the bridge and in the direction of the Aerie. The boar should be easy enough to spot roaming around, and as you get close, Nier will comment on its presence.

You need to defeat the boar to complete the quest. It has a lot of HP and can deal a lot of damage when it charges at you, so we recommend using Dark Lance to stun it when it grunts, which prevents it from using its charge attack.

As a side note, this is the perfect opportunity to earn both combo-related achievements/trophies. Keep attacking the boar with your sword and only use Dark Lance to stun it when it grunts and you should easily get both “Combo Fanatic” for performing a 50-hit combo and “Combo Master” for performing a 100-hit combo.

Once the boar is defeated, you will automatically earn your Boar Tusk, but don’t forget to interact with the body too to harvest other materials.

Afterward, return to the quest giver in Nier’s village to complete the quest and earn the ability to ride wild boars.

How to Ride Wild Boars

Once the quest is complete, whenever you enter a map area such as the Northern Plains or Southern Plains, you will find a sleeping boar ready and waiting to be ridden. You can still be attacked while riding a boar, which can cause you to be thrown off.

You can use your evade/dash button to cause the boar to charge, which allows you to travel more quickly, but also allows you to charge into enemies and other animals to defeat them. However, if you run into a wall or obstacle, you will be thrown from your mount.

If you find yourself somewhere on the map and want your boar to appear, you can go into your menu and select “Orders”, followed by “Animals”, and finally, “Call”. This will make your boar appear next to you.

Don’t forget to ride your boar for at least five minutes to unlock the “All Aboared!” accolade. You don’t actually need to be moving for this, you can be sat on the boar but stay completely stationary and it will still unlock after five minutes.

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