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Nier Replicant: How To Get Giant Eggs

As you’re playing Nier Replicant, you’ll be tasked with collecting and gathering a range of materials for different quests. As you progress further, you’ll unlock weapon upgrades too, which will also require different raw materials. One of the most elusive weapon upgrade materials is Giant Eggs.

These Giant Eggs can be a real pain for players, as there isn’t an exact gathering spot to hunt down and attempt to force-spawn over and over. Regrettably, getting your Giant Eggs will take a little bit of running around, unless you’re super lucky. Here’s where to find some Giant Eggs.

Where can I find Giant Eggs?

Giant Eggs can be found in Nier’s village. However, they do not appear in set gathering spots, but instead can randomly be found in any of the sparkling gathering spots found in the village.

There are many gathering spots that can appear in the village, and we have marked all of the gathering spots we have found on the map below. Not all of these will be present at the same time but this simply shows where gathering spots can spawn.

The best way to hunt down Giant Eggs is to enter Nier’s Village and run around checking each and every possible spawn point. Afterward, leave the village via any exit, then re-enter once more to get the gathering spots to respawn again and rinse and repeat.

We found that we were getting a Giant Egg on roughly every 2-3 sweeps of all the available gathering spots in the village. Happy hunting!

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