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Nier Replicant: How To Get Ending E

If you’re trying to see the new Nier Replicant to its very end, then you’re in for a surprise with the new Ending E. This addition wasn’t in Nier’s original release, and there’s plenty of new content to enjoy.

Ending E is Nier Replicant’s fifth and final conclusion, but to get there you’ll have to see other parts of the story first and complete a few extra steps. In this guide, we’ll establish how to get Ending E, and answer a few questions about Replicant’s new content.

How To Get Ending E

Ending E is your last playthrough of Nier’s story to see things to their conclusion. You’ll need to beat Ending D first before you have the option to tackle E. We’ve covered in another guide how you get Endings A through D. It’ll involve a few playthroughs, and making sure you’ve collected every weapon in Nier Replicant.

As we mentioned in the complete endings guide, you’ll begin your journey into Ending E by creating a brand new save file. You cannot use the same name you used on your Ending D playthrough that was deleted. Pick something different and start the new playthrough, you’ll continue through the story as younger brother Nier again. If you’re curious about where things split off and how they change, continue reading below.

Where Does Ending E Begin?

Everything in your new playthrough will be the same for a while, so feel free to skip cutscenes. When you arrive at the Aerie for the second time and battle Hook, Ending E will begin. Everything begins to deviate once you finally kill Hook, leading to only a couple of hours of additional play time. You won’t wind up playing through the rest of the first half or diving into the second half of the game again.

How To Restore Your Nier Replicant Save File

Once you’ve completed Ending E and seen everything in its entirety, your save data from Ending D will automatically be restored. You don’t need to do anything else special.

How To Play As Kaine

Once you’ve seen the scene in the Aerie during playthrough E, you’ll swap from younger brother Nier to Kaine automatically. She drives the story through the rest of your encounters here, but be warned, your time as Kaine is limited. Once you complete Ending E, the data for Ending D is restored and replaces the file you’re on. Make sure you save another slot for Ending E in the Aerie as brother Nier, just in case you want to revisit this moment later.

How To Get Kaine’s Weapon

Once you’re playing on your save slot for Ending D again, return to Kaine’s house as Nier. Examine the glowing item in the corner, and you’ll be rewarded with Kaine’s Sword. It’s got a massive 999 attack power, and its own little weapon story like the items before it.

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