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Nier: Automata Player Stumbles Into Secret Room, Community Descends Into Chaos

The user going by the name of Sadfutago on Reddit recently stumbled into a hidden room in the part of Nier: Automata known as the Copied City. When they wound up getting lost in this otherwise inaccessible area, Sadfutago took to the social media platform looking for help, causing the community to erupt into chaos. The supposedly final secret in the game was discovered back in January, 2021 by the infamous dataminer Lance McDonald, making Sadfutago the only person in the world to have accessed this hidden room.

“Hello, does anyone know how to open up the doors to get to this area in the Copied City? I can open the hallway doors fine, but my friend who's at the same part of the game as me can't open it,” Sadfutago pointed out last month on Reddit, mentioning some sort of church. The community was of course completely incredulous, numerous users accusing Sadfutago of having modded the game files in order to stir up controversy. This became a commonly held assumption after Sadfutago basically disappeared. But the user then returned with a video.

Parsing the controversy on Twitter, McDonald noted that “someone randomly posted a video on the Nier: Automata subreddit showing they found a secret room in the Copied City. So far no one else has worked out how they managed to make this secret door appear. Literally one person on earth has accessed this room and we are utterly mind blown.”

The video posted by Sadfutago shows a protagonist, A2, fighting robots in the Copied City, a blindingly white, blocky part of the game world. The player approaches what appears to be a random wall, receives a button prompt, and opens a door. Sadfutago apparently took this button prompt for a dropped item at first, but soon discovered the hidden passageway. Having gone through the door, A2 runs through a twisting hallway before entering what appears to be a church.

“This has been an ongoing mystery for over a month since this person just randomly posted ‘why can’t my friend access the church?’ Today, they finally posted a video of what they were talking about and the community is in shambles over this discovery,” McDonald tweeted.

The community has been skeptical about the discovery, but the secret room does not appear to be a mod, owing to the fact that no such modding tools currently exist. “It’s not yet possible to mod Nier: Automata in this way, if anyone is curious if this is fake,” McDonald pointed out. This was echoed by the user on Reddit known as ThatWillRoar who opined about “one person solo building a generational leap in Nier: Automata modding in secret just for a prank versus Taro Yoko having even more obscure secrets."

The discovery made by Sadfutago remains unconfirmed as no other players have so far been able to find the secret room. Sadfutago apparently has a physical copy of Nier: Automata on PS4, leading speculators to suggest that content could have been removed from Nier: Automata in subsequently released builds of the game.

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