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Next Hearthstone Expansion, Forged In The Barrens, Announced At BlizzConline

The latest Hearthstone expansion, Forged in the Barrens, has just been announced at BlizzCon 2021. There are new ranked spells, ten legendary mercenary minions, and a frenzy effect alongside a just-released cinematic trailer.

Ranked spells, a new addition, level up when you reach five and ten mana crystals, while frenzy turns “even the docile plainstrider into a deadly whirlwind of talon and feather.” In other words, minions with Frenzy activate “powerful effects” when they first take a hit and don’t die.

You can pre-purchase now for $49.99 or get the mega bundle for $79.99. The pre-purchase nets you 60 card packs, two legendaries, and the Hamuul card back, while the mega bundle brings with it 80 card packs, five golden card packs, two forges, the Hamuul card back, Runetotem Druid hero, and Hearthstone Battlegrounds perks.

The store’s description reads, “Welcome to the Barrens, adventurer. The land where blistered terrain and battering sun form the anvil and hammer that shape the unbreakable Horde. Where Kalimdor’s most promising denizens test magic and muscle against furious centaur, soaring harpies, and bristling quillboar. Here is the proving ground for warriors who would become legends–those who have been Forged in the Barrens!”

With it, the new card back is here, and it looks a deep volcanic black with red, metallic lining in a backwards squared C shape. The centre piece bears some hanging red cloth as what looks to be a tooth dangles from a chain. This also comes with a gold accented border rather than red.

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