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New World Update Adds Winter Convergence Festival, Makes Sweeping End Game Changes

After a bit of a delay, New World's December update is finally here. The sizable patch largely revolves around the Winter Convergence Festival – the game's first major, seasonal event – but it also makes some huge changes to end game content, questing, and more.

Available between December 16 and January 11, the Winter Convergence Festival gives the New World community their first in-game chance to celebrate the holidays. You'll now find a bit more snow around Aeternum than usual, along with the appearance of the Northern Lights when looking skyward. Aside from a few cosmetic changes to the map, here's what else the event is offering:

  • New items are available through the Winter Wanderer.
  • Earn Winter Tokens by completing repeatable event quests, which can then be turned in for cosmetic items.
  • Holiday Villages have sprung up in Everfall, Monarch's Bluffs, Weaver's Fen, and Brightwood.
  • Ice Caves are appearing throughout Aeternum, giving you a dangerous new zone to explore.
  • Help decorate your Settlement of choice with festive holiday items.
  • New Winter Convergence Quests (Begins at Level 15)

There's a bunch more winter-related content included in the update, so check out the official Winter Convergence webpage for all the details.

While New World's Winter Convergence Festival might be the big draw of December's update, there's still a bunch of other changes arriving in the popular MMO. Radical changes have been made to the end game content, including a new resource called Gypsum. This can be acquired each day by defeating bosses and partaking in PvP (among other activities). Gypsum can then be turned into Gypsum Orbs, which in turn can be crafted into a Gypsum Cast that guarantees an expertise bump for the corresponding gear.

There's also a new crafting ingredient (Timeless Shards), two POI reworks, difficulty reworks, questing improvements for the main story, housing quests, and a bunch of bug fixes. To learn more about the huge update, check out the official New World blog.

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