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New Sonic Game Leaked As Early As August 2020, Reveals Open World And RPG Elements

Sega recently reignited hope in the Sonic fanbase, as a new mainline title was teased. However, an unintended consequences of revealing this game was that it actually confirmed some leaks that came out months earlier, already giving us an idea of what the next Sonic game could look like.

Accounts purporting to come from three individuals who tested a then unannounced Sonic game are circulating online, as they bare a striking resemblance to what we saw in the trailer.

The earliest report comes from August 7, 2020. An anonymous user claims to have been part of a panel that got to playtest the title and provide feedback. Unfortunately for long-suffering Sonic fans, the feedback the panel provided was not positive – the leak opens by saying, “If they take the feedback me and the other panelists gave them, Sega might change quite a bit from what I ended up playing [sic].”

In further disappointing news for some fans, they confirmed it wasn’t a Sonic Adventure remake, and made no mention of it seeming to be in the same universe. Instead, they compare it to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, claiming the game will have an open world with puzzles scattered around. Much like the trailer showcased, the apparent playtester says the game was “set on a gloomy, grassy, uninhabited island dotted with ruins.”

A glimmer of hope comes in the fact that the poster likely played an incredibly earlier build, as it was tested in June 2020. Considering we still only have a short teaser trailer, it’s likely that Sega still has much work to do on the upcoming game.

More recently, there was another leak from someone claiming to have played the game. Interestingly, they actually said the title would be called “Sonic Rangers” – a name that has since been all-but confirmed by multiple sources. This leak revealed RPG elements could be on the cards, as players gain EXP for defeating enemies, and different abilities for Sonic are available on a skill tree.

To top it all of, another anonymous user took to 4Chan to share their account of apparently playtesting the game, as they recognized it upon seeing the trailer. They were much less kind with their verdict, calling the open world aspects “annoying”, the combat “boring”, and the difficulty “stupidly easy”. Other elements still appear to be vague, as the leak suggest the story revolves around a “human ghost girl”. The open world will apparently also host portals to Sonic Unleashed style levels.

Sega is yet to respond to any of the leaks and rumours, including the title reveal, which has been reported by multiple sources.

Whatever it’s actually called, the new Sonic game is projected for a 2022 release, and will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and PC.

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