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New Ratchet And Clank: Rift Apart Trailer Hints At Future PC Release

A slight tweak regarding the exclusivity of Rift Apart suggests the sequel might one day come to PC.

The arrival of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is fast approaching. The PS5 exclusive hits the next-gen console on June 11, 2021. Unlike other recent releases, Rift Apart will forgo the PS4 entirely, likely due to its rapid load times and other elements which make the most of the PS5’s SSD. That means the PS5 will be the only platform on which Rift Apart can be played, at least for now.

A slight tweak to the wording in a new gameplay trailer released today has some Ratchet fans thinking the new PS5 game might also be getting prepped for a PC release. PlayStation includes a little note at the end of its trailers informing viewers if a game is a PlayStation exclusive or a PS5 exclusive. Rift Apart’s trailers previously included the latter, but that has now changed.

The note on the latest trailer reads “PS5 console exclusive”. The change in wording implies while Rift Apart won’t be coming to any other consoles, including PS4, it might well come to PC. This is obviously an assumption at this moment in time, and even if Ratchet, Clank, and Rivet are coming to PC, odds are it will be a long way off.

The load times and elements mentioned above made capable by the PS5’s SSD can’t really be replicated on PC for the time being. That dashes any hope of Rift Apart getting a PC release on the same day as it arrives on PS5. There is hope beyond the altered wording in the trailer, though. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has been very open about PlayStation games coming to PC.

In fact, that process has already begun. Previous PlayStation exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn is now available on PC, as is Days Gone. Ryan claims Days Gone is the first in a slate of PlayStation games coming to PC in the future. Rift Apart might well be on that slate, but it could take a while. If it were to make the jump, it would be the first PS5 game to do so.

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