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New Pokemon Snap: Every Pokemon In Lental Undersea

After making your way through maps like Sweltering Sands, Blushing Beach, and Maricopia Reef, Professor Mirror will proceed to inform you of a new location to the east of the Maricopia islands: Lental Undersea. As opposed to skirting along a beach or coasting through a reef, this new adventure will take you to the bottom of the ocean – fascinating, eh?

Lental Undersea has quickly become one of my favourite regions in New Pokemon Snap, to the extent that I firmly believe this list of every Pokemon you can find there will convince anyone of how brilliant it is. So, if you’d like to know which Pokemon you can snap in Lental Undersea, as well as where to find them and which ranks they appear in, look no further than this handy guide. Here’s everything you need to know about Lental Undersea in New Pokemon Snap.

List Of Pokemon In Lental Undersea Rank 1

  • Magikarp – Magikarp spawns right at the beginning of your voyage through the ocean, although it appears again beneath Wailmer and there are several of them in the tunnel that leads up to the teleportation point.
  • Luvdisc – Luvdisc appears in basically every location of the rank one Lental Undersea route – the beginning, the seaweed section with Finneon and Lumineon, the cave with Qwilfish, and the tunnel up to the teleportation point,
  • Finneon – Finneon is available to snap at the spawn point and in the seaweed around the corner from it.
  • Lumineon – Lumineon hangs out in the seaweed, although there are far fewer of them than Finneon.
  • Qwilfish – Beneath Wailmer and in the cave you swim down to after encountering it.
  • Octillery – Octillery is the unfortunate Pokemon that Wailmer is screeching at.
  • Wailmer – After you go through the seaweed section around the corner from the spawn point, you will see – and hear – Wailmer.
  • Corsola – Corsola hangs out on a rock near the spawn, right before you turn the corner towards the seaweed section.
  • Sharpedo – Directly beneath Wailmer.
  • Tentacruel – Above Magikarp on the tunnel towards the teleportation point.
  • Mantine – Swimming in a group just above the teleportation point.

List Of Pokemon In Lental Undersea Rank 2

  • Pelipper – Pelipper is the first Pokemon you will see when you spawn into Lental Undersea rank two. It’s directly in front of you, swimming back up towards the surface.
  • Cradily – Cradily is in the seaweed section now. Wake it with fluffruit, Illumina orb it, and then play music – if you get the angle right, you’ll be awarded a four-star snap.
  • Clawitzer – Clawitzer spawns at the start of rank two after you finish rank three, although there’s a chance it’s just in the Qwilfish cave at this point. If it spawns at the start, Illumina it when it gets to the boulder to the left of the entrance to the seaweed.
  • Golisopod – Golisopod is available in rank two if you take the alternate route Clawitzer makes (described above), although I wasn’t able to access this until rank three, which means either I had a bug or it works retroactively once you max out the level. Golisopod roams the area around the alternate teleportation point in the deep sea.
  • Clamperl – Also in the alternate route, Clamperl is found in a small underwater corridor. Throw a fluffruit at the blue shells you see and Lumineon will come over, messing up the sand with its fins until Clamperl gets annoyed and pops up from underneath the sand.
  • Frillish – This is in the alternate route too, seen in the tunnel that extends beneath where you meet Wailmer in the ordinary route.
  • Chinchou – one of the first Pokemon you see in the alternate route – its light up antennae are impossible to miss.
  • Lanturn – Again, only in the alternate route… wow there are a lot of rank two mons that are only snappable if you’ve managed to get past the boulder!
  • Pyukumuku – Takes Octillery’s place as the Pokemon Wailmer is shouting at.

List Of Pokemon In Lental Undersea Rank 3

  • Starmie – You can see it right away in the now-definitely-accessible alternate route, but you can also get Lumineon to stir it up like it does with Clamperl.
  • Wailord – Just like in Maricopia Reef, Wailmer is way too big to miss. It comes up through the tunnel below Wailmer if you take the alternate route, and you’ll know it’s coming when five thousand Pokemon immediately start swimming towards the surface at light speed.
  • Alomalola – Right at the beginning of the map with Luvdisc and Finneon.
  • Lapras – At the end of the map where Mantine usually is – you can only see the bottom of its belly.
  • Squirtle – In the seaweed section right before the sleeping Lumineon.
  • Lugia – this one is complicated. If I were you I’d just check out our full New Pokemon Snap Lugia location guide.

And there you have it, a complete list of every single Pokemon in Lental Undersea with their exact locations and the rank you unlock them at. Seriously, though, Lugia is a real pain to find…

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