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New Monster Hunter Rise Trailer Shows Off A Complete Somnacanth Battle

In case you weren’t hyped enough for Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom has just released complete footage of a Somnacanth battle. The 12-minute clip shows off not just the terrifying new beast, but also the impressive utility of the new wirebug.

The first minute of gameplay starts out exactly how you’d expect – with the player tracking down their prey. It doesn’t take long for the Somnacanth to make an appearance, and things escalate quickly once it notices the hunter. The winged monster has a variety of attacks to make life difficult for anyone who gets too close, although other monsters have a way of making things difficult for everyone involved – check out the action below:

One of the coolest mechanics shown off in the trailer is the use of the new wirebug to mount the Somnacanth. This gives you nearly full control of its moveset, letting you fend off other creatures and deal a bit of damage in the process. It didn’t look easy to pull off, but it’s definitely worth the risk.

Everything else about Monster Hunter Rise leads us to believe it’ll be another solid addition to the storied franchise. The graphics don’t look nearly as good as those in Monster Hunter: World, but for a Switch game they’re more than acceptable. And even though Nintendo doesn’t have the most robust multiplayer service, Rise is looking to take full advantage of it to let four hunters play together regardless of location.

Capcom has also revealed an exclusive Monster Hunter Rise-themed Switch, although it’s only available in Japan. If you’re looking to scoop up a cool new Switch console in the west, you might want to try your hand at finding the Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury limited-edition one. It’s bound to be popular, but it features a slick new design that rivals that of Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise will be available on March 26 and is a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

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