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New Halo Infinite artwork reveals Master Chief’s hidden secrets

Microsoft is getting ready for tomorrow’s big Xbox Games Showcase reveal by revealing Halo Infinite’s box art and it seems to hide a few secrets.

It’s a big day for Microsoft tomorrow, as they get ready for their promised games showcase, and while it’s still unclear exactly what games will be featured Halo Infinite is definitely one of them.

Rumours suggest that only the campaign mode will be shown off, not the multiplayer, which certainly seems to be the implication in the tweet below. But whether that’s true or not Microsoft has released this new artwork for the game.

It’s an obvious homage to the box art for the original game, Halo: Combat Evolved, but it also seems to show Master Chief with his much-rumoured new grappling hook.


A grappling hook has been rumoured since the very earliest footage of the game was leaked but it’s been unclear whether it’s a permanent part of his toolset or a limited use item. The fact that it’s on his arm in the key art though, suggests it’s probably permanent.

Fans have been going over the image with a fine-tooth comb and it also looks like there’s a reflection of a Brute with a gravity hammer in Master Chief’s visor.

Officially, very little has ever been announced about Halo Infinite and while it’s believed to feature an open world environment, or at least something close to it, that’s never been confirmed.

And while an audio clip released by Microsoft seems to imply that The Banished from Halo Wars 2 are one of the bad guys that’s also not yet been confirmed.

Although not only is there that blurry pic in Chief’s visor but new Mega Bloks toys seem to confirm both The Banished and perhaps other plot spoilers, so click this link with caution.

These are all questions we expect Microsoft, and developer 343 Industries, to get into tomorrow but if there really is no sign of the multiplayer then presumably there’s going to be at least one more showcase before the launch of the Xbox Series X console later this year.


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