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New Arizona Sunshine Comparison Video Highlights The Power Of Oculus Quest 2

Video game developer Jaywalkers Interactive and publisher Vertigo Games recently announced a major graphics overhaul and update for the Oculus Quest 2 zombie apocalypse survival horror game Arizona Sunshine. The announcement came by way of a comparison video (and press release) showcasing a side-by-side contrast between the original and new enhanced versions of the game.

The new enhanced version will be fully implemented when Arizona Sunshine launches for the Oculus Quest 2 on October 13, 2020. Additionally, the update will be free for all existing owners of Arizona Sunshine on Oculus Quest. The update also includes all Horde Mode updates, both story expansions (Dead Man DLC and The Damned DLC), and also supports all cross-platform multiplayer content within the Oculus Quest ecosystem.

As the name states, Arizona Sunshine places you in the VR world of a zombie apocalypse set in the blistering hot desert of the Grand Canyon state. The game features a full-length free-exploration campaign across the American southwest with online multiplayer co-op, a solo or four-player Horde Mode, over 25 weapons to make zombies re-dead with, and plenty of ‘FreeLC’ downloadable content.

The Arizona Sunshine Quest 2 – Comparison Video showcases the excellently enhanced upgrades that you will see once the game launches. Generally every asset in-game has been graphically improved, so that the ugly zombies are now even uglier, full ragdoll physics have been added, and the game has been visually improved overall. The main points the enhancements hit are:

  • HD zombies with full physics and even uglier zombies
  • Enriched world: Blood spatter, foliage, birds, destructible glass, and environment zombies
  • Real-time sniper scopes
  • Dynamic lighting and shaders (specular and normal maps)
  • Overall visual enhancement (also available on Oculus Quest 1)

The update video showcases in particular how the enhancements compare between the original and updated versions for such crucial gameplay elements as dynamic lighting and shader updates, the use of real-time sniper scopes, now destructible windows, dynamic muzzle flashes when using firearms, realistic blood splatter, and meticulously enhanced flora and fauna. The comparison video also comes in a PEGI version and an ESRB version, but both have the same content.

If you don’t yet have Arizona Sunshine in your life, you can buy it from the Windows, Steam VR, Playstation VR, Oculus, and Oculus Quest webstores for $39.99.

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