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New Apex Legends Character Catalyst Is A Trans Woman

The latest Stories from the Outlands just revealed Apex Legends' newest character. Catalyst is a "moon witch and transgender woman," as confirmed both by the character's voice actor and the trailer itself.

We'll start with the trailer, which begins on the planet Cleo. Boreas, Cleo's moon, was struck by a meteor hard enough to shatter, leading to devastating meteor showers on the planet's surface. However, it's not the shattered moon that concerns a "sisterhood" of Boreas residents.

While two of the sisterhood decline to take part in eco-terrorism on behalf of Boreas, Catalyst agrees to join her friend Margo and infiltrate an industrial mining operation that's stripping the planet of its natural resources. While on a reconnaissance mission, Tressa "Catalyst" Smith remarks, "I feel that the whole world has opened up, now that I'm myself," and later refers to her transition.

In case there's still any confusion, Apex Legends' lead writer Ashley Reed and Catalyst's voice actor Samantha Kalman both confirmed on Twitter that the new character is a trans woman.

At dusk, Margo and Catalyst infiltrate the facility where they discover a strange blue fluid that seems to interact with Catalyst's moon necklace. Then, security arrives and arrests Margo, leading her to activate a bomb she'd planted earlier, killing herself and setting Catalyst on a journey that leads her to the Apex Games.

The trailer hints at Catalyst's abilities having something to do with that strange blue fluid. The official Apex Legends site confirms this to be a "ferrofluid," a substance that reacts to magnetic fields. Catalyst seems to be able to manipulate this fluid, while metal constructs like the security bot are vaporized when submerged in it.

Expect Catalyst's abilities to revolve around this ferrofluid and her supernatural powers as a "defensive conjurer."

Catalyst joins an impressively diverse cast of characters, with two gay, two pan, one bi, one non-binary, and one Mirage, whose sexuality so far defies explanation. You could also argue that Pathfinder is asexual given the fact it's a robot. This diversity hasn’t been entirely welcomed by players, with Apex Legends developer Respawn recently reminding players of its zero-tolerance policy towards threats and harassment.

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