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Need For Speed Unbound Reportedly Releasing December 2

Need For Speed Unbound will reportedly be launching December 2, 2022, with an official announcement taking place early in October. In just a couple of weeks, we should see a trailer that's approximately two-three minutes in length and features an A$AP Rocky song.

This news comes from Insider Gaming, which also states that the anime elements that were leaked earlier will be in the form of smoke and flames appearing from the car as it drifts, jumps, and crashes.

Insider Gaming also confirmed that this upcoming game will be current-gen only as one leak suggested. If it really is photo-realistic then there's a good chance old-gen hardware will hold it back, so being current-gen only might be a necessary move.

This launch date closely aligns with the November release window leaked back in April. That was revealed by insider Jeff Grubb, whereas this current update comes from Tom Henderson. Two insiders with good track records means it's quite likely we'll have a new Need For Speed by Christmas.

Some footage apparently from Need For Speed Unbound leaked back in August and gave us a glimpse of what the game's anime elements would be. As a car failed a jump and crashed into an object, the screen produced a glitch effect where it turned red for a few frames and then some drawn wings emerged from the car before shattered. This suggests the upcoming title is more of an arcade racer, and not in the same vein as Need For Speed Shift, the series' more simulator-like entry.

Codemasters merged its Cheshire studio with Criterion to form "one Criterion studio with two location hubs" to work on developing this game. This merge has not resulted in any redundancies, but it does show that EA is reneging on its promise that Codemasters would retain its individuality.

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