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MultiVersus Players Are Getting Their Streams Taken Down For Using Mods

MultiVersus players are reporting that their streams are being taken down by Warner Bros. because of the use of mods.

When MultiVersus launched, it managed to host a pretty healthy modding community, with plenty of meme-y character swaps and costume adjustments created before the open beta had even launched. Considering how many of these mods have popped up since the game started its open beta period, you might think that Warner Bros. is okay with it, but recent takedowns of streams and videos showcasing mods have implied otherwise.

Over the past few weeks, several MultiVersus content creators have reported that their streams and videos containing modded content are getting copyright strikes from Warner Bros., leading to videos being taken down. Some of these content creators have asked MultiVersus' director Tony Huynh what it was about. Huynh replied with, "After investigation, it's because you've been streaming with a modded client".

Modder junior3DM, who has created a fair few MultiVersus mods that we've featured on the site, talked to Tony Huynh about the situation and confirmed that mods won't be sticking around in online play, sharing this message on a Discord server, "Another streamer/content creator was given a copyright strike after sharing footage of modded MultiVersus gameplay (which makes that two reported incidents now) and based on Tony's reply, we can all make the assumption that WB is completely against modding."

They continued, "I'm not sure when they'll start doing account bans, but from here on out, I'm going to say you're modding/playing with mods completely at your OWN risk". After this, junior3DM shared a message they'd received from a competitive player at EVO, who said that Tony expressed enjoyment with the mods, but that Warner Bros. wasn't happy with them and was actively going to start taking them down.

Interestingly, despite the fact that videos and streams are getting taken down because of the use of mods, that hasn't slowed down their creation at all, with more and more being posted every day. It seems that it's going to be quite the task for Warner Bros. to get rid of them all.

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