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MTG’s Phyrexia: All Will Be One Suffers Massive Leaks Ahead Of Launch

Magic The Gathering Phyrexia: All Will Be One recently became the subject of a major leak. The company behind the famous franchise, Wizards of the Coast, appears to have been shipping boxes of Dominaria Remastered along with cards from this upcoming set. Dominaria Remastered will be launching next week, but Phyrexia: All Will Be One is currently scheduled to be released on February 10.

The first leaks were spotted on the YouTube channel known as CastleGamesStreaming, but subsequent leaks have been turning up on the popular social media platform Reddit. Players have naturally been diving into the details, discovering all sorts of what are supposed to be secrets, at least for the moment.

There have so far been something like 70 cards from the unreleased set which have come to the surface, estimated to be anywhere between 12 and 25 percent of the entire collection. The leaks mean that players are now aware of the status of all 10 of the Planeswalkers in the collection including whether each one of them has been compleated, corrupted by the Phyrexians. Players have also gotten to see a large number of legendary creatures in addition to a variety of different lands on account of the leak.

“So, we've seen almost all the rares at this point,” the user on Reddit going by the name of Askvo pointed out. “I think we're at 58/ 60? We've seen all the 10 gold legends, all the rare spheres, the five uncompleated Planeswalkers, the Twilight Cycle, the five fast lands, and a bunch of other assorted rares.”

This comes in the wake of news that Magic: The Gathering players have been suffering some “release fatigue,” Head Designer Mark Rosewater saying that “if our approach is flawed, we’ll do something different.” The comment came from a blog post by Rosewater in which the designer compared the cards to a cafeteria, explaining how “putting out less food means that we’re depriving some diners of food that makes them most excited to come to the buffet,” adding that “we’re always trying to attract new diners. Certain food might make some diners sample the buffet that haven’t tried it before.”

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