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Mortal Kombat Sequel Is In Development, Moon Knight Writer On Board

A sequel to the 2021 Mortal Kombat movie has entered production, with Moon Knight's Jeremy Slater taking over writing duties.

This comes from a report from Deadline, and reveals that producer New Line Cinema is taking another chance on the ultra-violent video game series. This was not a guarantee, as no other deals were lined up after the first movie hit theatres and HBO Max. But the company must have been pleased with the earnings, as it is already making hirings for the sequel.

The report doesn't give us any details on what we can expect from the sequel in terms of its story. The first took a huge departure from the games – for better or worse – as it explained characters' abilities with magic, did away with the traditional tournament format, and even introduced a completely original protagonist, Cole Young.

However, we can safely assume one thing: Johnny Cage will be making his debut. He was tragically absent from the first film, but was hinted at in the ending. There's no say on who will play the fan favourite egotist this time around, but WWE's The Miz has previously thrown his hat into the ring. Considering fellow wrestling star Ronda Rousey has previously played Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat 11 (to uh, questionable results), it's not totally outside the realm of possibility.

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