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Monster Sanctuary: 10 Best Physical Damage Dealers

Some say that the best offense is a great defense. The vast majority of these Monster Sanctuary monsters say that the best offense is a good offense. High damage and stacking up critical hits, Bleed stacks, or rueful status ailments is the name of the game with these critters.

There are more roles for monsters to fill than spaces on your team in this game, but you can't often go wrong with a heavy hitter. Slot a brutal physical attacker on your team and you can be sure that you'll be seeing some big damage numbers. (Most of the time.)

10 Blade Widow

If you're looking for raw, bloody carnage, a Blade Widow is a monster you should strongly consider. It has access to three elements, plenty of critical hit passive buffs, and the ability to inflict stacks of both Bleed and Wound, making it a frightful combatant.

Its auras make it a pretty efficient killer – Devour will heal the Blade Widow whenever it deals a finishing blow, and Splatter will spread unused stacks of Bleed to the survivors. Add to that some fantastic synergy with the Might buff, and the Blade Widow makes for a great main damage dealer. Give it two weapons with its Dark Shifted form, and it's even better at its job.

9 Brawlish

Just one look at a Brawlish's face tells you all you need to know about this brute. A stack of Attack and Health with the great Heavy Punch finisher move, a Brawlish is capable of inflicting massive damage.

Making the most of Brawlish will require some specific teammates – you'll want something capable of inflicting Chill and a buffer with access to Might, Sorcery, and Glory – but it's something that'll pay off immensely.

8 Ucan

With access to Armor Break and Bleed, Ucan can set up a delicious one-two punch of damage. Add to that the fantastic self-buffing Water Surge and the always-accurate Aqua Blast and you can rely on Ucan to deal quite a lot of damage no matter the occasion.

When not pumping out the damage, Ucan also makes for a pretty decent utility monster, with access to some buffing moves, Restore, and even Shield. There's always something for this cool crab to do.

7 Sizzle Knight

While limited to Fire and Wind damage, a Sizzle Knight is going to be a great boon to most parties, especially if you can hit weaknesses with those elements. It can inflict Bleed semi-reliably and even spread Shock around with its Thunder Strike chain-finisher.

What makes the Sizzle Knight particularly attractive are its auras. Protector and Mass Protector will reduce incoming damage really well, Multi Shock is a rare aura, perfect for a debuff-heavy team, and Blinding Sparks helps it inflict Blind, one of the best ailments in the game. Pair Weaponry (monsters get increased stats from weapons) and the Sizzle Knight's ability to Dual Wield while Dark Shifted, and you can reach some terrifying stat ceilings.

6 Molebear

The unassuming Molebear makes for quite a devastating ally to have if you can boost its critical chance up high, and that's quite easy to do with enough equipment, its Light Shift ability, and an ally who can give it Glory.

Most of Molebear's attacks are perfect for a crit build, either inflicting stacks of Bleed or doing extra damage when a crit occurs. Equip the Gigadrill Ultimate and Molebear is a self-buffing monster with passively applied Armor Breaks and the mana-saving Improved Attack. Apart from some Glory support, a Molebear needs little to reach its full potential.

5 Akhlut

This king of the ocean is a very powerful Water attacker and will suit well on teams with more elemental support. It's strong in itself, working extremely well with crit builds and has self-sustain with Bite.

The Akhlut's true utility comes in the fact that it can deal damage all on its own while also supporting any Chill users – it has Congeal, Multi Chill, and Reckless Mending to boot, making it a must-have for Chill-heavy teams, for example, those that feature a Frosty, which has none of those skills. They make perfect partners.

4 Rampede

Rampedes do two things: set fire to enemies and then finish them off with critical hits. With Multi Burn and Multi Glory, you'll get plenty of mileage out of these two strategies, too.

This monster makes for a great partner to its Forgotten World compatriot, Rathops, thanks to Ancient Predation (which will give them both stacks of Predation and Age) and its passives that boost the party's Bleed damage, something the Rathops specializes in.

3 Rathops

As mentioned above, Rathops makes for a great partner to Rampede, thanks to compatible monster types and its propensity for both Burn and Bleed. Give it plenty of crit support, and you'll be reliably inflicting tons of Bleed stacks onto your enemies.

Rathops also makes for a fantastic Tank and Shielder, so it can fill more than one niche on a team, depending on how you build it. Lava Shield is especially useful as it inflicts Armor Break, though on randomly chosen enemies.

2 Sutsune

If you come up against enemies that love to buff themselves, you'll thank yourself for including a Sutsune on your team. You did include a Sutsune on your team, right? It's a great user of the rare Cleansing Flame ability, which strips enemies of their buffs, and takes them for itself with Buff Steal.

Sutsune also makes for a great chainer and Bleeder thanks to access to Quicken, Multi Sidekick, and plenty of moves that inflict Bleed on critical hits. If you're using the Rampede/Rathops partnership detailed above, add a Sutsune to the mix for maximum carnage and some support in the form of buff cleansing and the neat Full Heal Ultimate.

1 Mega Rock

Of course, the massive rock is a great physical attacker; why wouldn't it be? On the face of it, Mega Rock is pretty simple – it has powerful physical attacks for every element in the game except Water, and it can even boost that damage with Static Glory, taking advantage of its low critical chance.

However, Mega Rock also has the potential to be a very effective off-support. It has Protect, letting it tank some attacks, and Forge, which both shields the party and gives them Glory. While this last ability doesn't synergize that well with Static Glory, it can turn Mega Rock into a fantastic hybrid monster for mixed team setups.

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