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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event Announces New Monsters, Gives Hunters More Freedom In Combat

Sunbreak, the massive expansion to Monster Hunter Rise, is just over a month away, and there’s so much more to learn about what kinds of monsters and locations to expect as our hunters move from Kamura Village to their new base of operations in Elgado Outpost. Today, Capcom held a digital event covering plenty of new content coming to the big DLC release.

The event began with a new story trailer, focusing on the cover monster Malzeno, who, with a horde of tiny vampiric monsters, drains life from the environment and captures other creatures. Malzeno has a history of devastating the kingdom of Sunbreak’s new character Fiorayne and will continue to be a problem for hunters in this expansion. It can inflict a new Bloodblight status which drains health and forces the blighted hunter into “a battle of life force” where damaging the elder dragon will recover that player’s lost vitality. If Malzeno absorbs enough of a hunter’s essence, it will transform into an even more terrifying form.

Monster Hunter Rise

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