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Monster Hunter Rise: How To Farm Gothjelly

When it comes to difficult to find materials and resources in Monster Hunter Rise, those obtained in the same way as Gothjelly really take the cake. You can explore every area in High Rank and gather from every single node, but you won’t find Gothjelly. It’s just more awkward than that, and you have to believe in the RNG.

But of course, that’s why we’re here to help. In this guide we’re going to break down exactly how you can locate and obtain Gothjelly in MH Rise, which will be an important resource for very late-game gear and equipment.

Just read below first for a breakdown on how exactly you can obtain Gothjelly in MHR, and then for an explanation on how you can earn as much of it as possible in a relatively short timeframe.

How To Find Gothjelly In Monster Hunter Rise

Gothjelly is a very exclusive resource, and being in High Rank is just the beginning. Not only do you need to be in High Rank, but you need to have High Rank routes available for the Meowcenaries, and not just any High Rank route, but the Lava Caverns route, which is the last one you unlock. You can find out more in our Meowcenaries and Argosy guide.

It takes a bit longer to unlock the Meowcenaries’ High Rank routes through the various areas, but once you have unlocked the Lava Caverns, you will finally be able to start earning Gothjelly.

But the next problem is that you will need their route through the Lava Caverns to include a sparkling fishing node icon. The sparkles mean that the Meowcenaries will be able to find rare items in that area, and the Gothjelly is a rare type of fish that will only be available in Lava Caverns fishing nodes that are sparkling. Once you finally see one of those routes available, you can send out your best Meowcenary squad.

How To Earn Gothjelly

  • Method – Meowcenaries
  • Route – Lava Caverns (High Rank)
  • Node – Fishing node (Rare/sparkling)

How To Farm Gothjelly In Monster Hunter Rise

We already have a guide on best using the Argosy and the Meowcenaries, so these tips will be a bit basic in comparison, but should help you earn more Gothjelly from a single route.

This should be obvious, but you should be sending high level buddies out into Meowcenaries quests. The stronger your team is, the better the rewards they will be able to find, so if you can send out a team of level 30 buddies, you’ll be in a safe position. We have a guide for hiring and levelling buddies here.

Next up is the Lagniapple, a rare item which boosts the chances of the Meowcenaries, Argosy, and Dojo of giving you excellent results. You should be using Lagniapples on the Dojo and on Meowcenaries routes which are definitely going to a location and node that you need items for. Make sure to take on Optional Quests that offer Lagniapples as rewards.

You can also equip the Meowcenaries with your spare and leftover buddy gear, which can make them slightly more capable in Meowcenaries missions, though it seems like a negligible amount.

If you don’t see the Lava Caverns route and nodes you want, undergo a quest and keep checking back. If you exclusively want the Gothjelly, then you should cancel Meowcenaries run that have already gone past the fishing node and take all of the rewards, so you can quickly begin another run.

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