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Monster Hunter Rise: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hinoa And Minoto

Monster Hunter Rise’s raven-haired twins Hinoa and Minoto who manage the player’s quests may seem like pretty straightforward characters. However, there are lots of things that fans may not realize about them. Beautiful yet classic, Hinoa and Minoto have a stunning design that seems to combine the themes of Rise with that of a traditional Miko, or shrine maiden.

They care deeply about the villagers of Kamura like family and would do anything to protect them from the monsters that threaten their existence. As twins, they also have a special bond with one another that only they themselves can understand. Learn more about the secrets behind these interesting girls.

10 They’re Not Handlers

Back in Monster Hunter World, the ones in charge of giving out quests were called handlers and they were pretty much personal assistants to the hunter, cooking meals for them, taking research, etc.

They were also frankly, quite annoying at times and felt like a blight to travel with according to some players. The twins always stay in the village as their job is more of a managerial than assistant type.

9 Hinoa Is The Sunny Sister

Twins rarely ever have similar personalities and this rings true for the girls. Hinoa is very bubbly, warm, and positive. Naturally extroverted, she’s always happy to see the player and isn’t afraid to just march into their house as shown in the opening clip, declaring everyone in Kamura is family.

When not taking care of her quest maiden duties, she can be found munching on some bunny Dango at the canteen.

8 Minoto Is The Shy Sister

Minoto, while not what you would call unfriendly, is comparably more reserved than her sister which is probably why she chooses to manage the hub quests.

Hub quests are way more tricky than village ones so she’s bound to get less foot traffic and is less forced to talk to others in the process. She tends to chastise her sister for her silly ways, but in actuality, Minoto is quite insecure and wants to be more friendly like her sister.

7 They Can Throw Down On Hunts

The thing about Kamura village is that everybody knows how to fight. They may choose to have a different career than a hunter, but that skill is always with them so they can help protect the village from rampages.

Because let’s be real: the way Yomogi flawlessly throws those Dango sticks, it’s obvious early on she knows her stuff. The same goes for the twins. Unlike World’s handlers, they actually know how to defend themselves and can be chosen as warriors to actively defend the village in rampages.

6 They’re Not Human

Players have probably noticed the girls’ pointed ears. This is an indication that they are of the Wyverian species. Wyverians are an intelligent and clever species found in the Monster Hunter world. Theories suggest they are actually descended from wyverns and that they were the first hunters before humans got into the field.

They live peacefully among humans and happily work alongside them. Veteran players will be familiar with Wyverians, but for a lot of people Rise was their introduction to the franchise so it might be new to them.

5 They Have Unique Voices

One might never notice this because they sound so similar, but the girls have two separate voice actors for their separate Japanese and English dialogue.

If one pays close attention to the opening cinema, they can hear the slightly deeper octave in Minoto’s tone. Regardless, the creators still did a good job with choosing voice actors that sound almost alike in even both the English dub and Japanese versions.

4 They’re Older Than You Think

The thing about Wyverians is that they can live much longer than humans. Therefore, Hinoa and Minoto are more than likely old enough to be your grandma, despite their youthful appearances. In fact, they may have been some of the first people to settle in Kamura village as a result, and probably know a lot more about what happened to the Shrine Ruins than they let on.

There is even a possibility that in this setting it was Wyverians who taught humans how to protect themselves from monsters since it’s somewhat hinted that they terrorized the early settlers in a Pitch Black-esque way.

3 Hinoa Brings The Boys To The Yard

There’s no doubt that Hinoa’s bubbly personality could attract the attention of the men in the village. One of the hunters mentions how he’ll impress and win her over with his training.

Considering that there aren’t a whole lot of women in the village, she’s probably got the attention of several other guys. Too bad most of them are probably way out of her league.

2 They Have Specific Unique Designs

Despite that they are identical twins, there are a few differences in the girl’s appearances. Minoto has slightly more curved eyelids while Hinoas run in a more flat line. This represents their varying personalities.

Minoto wears a gold neckpiece while Hinoa wears a red one. Hinoas has one slightly more fancy hairpiece while Minoto has two that match. Hinoa has a little bit of a softer face while Minoto has pronounced sharper cheeks. The lapels on the front of their clothing are different as well.

1 They Are Unchanged

There’s rarely an occasion where the drafts of a design, be it art or writing, look exactly like the finished product. Things can change a lot in the process of start to finish (see some early Pokemon for example, yikes). However, when one sees the early concept art of the girls, it’s clear that their original designs have been almost the same from the start.

The artists and the art team knew exactly what they wanted in their creation of Rise’s quest maidens. The game was in development for a long time so there are probably some unreleased rough sketches of them. Regardless, when playing the game, it becomes clear that Capcom had a very specific vision in mind for this project that they managed to pull off beautifully.

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