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Modern Warfare 2’s Grand Prix Map Might Have Been Cut As All Mentions Of It Get Deleted From Socials

Call of Duty fans are worried that one of Modern Warfare 2's new maps, Grand Prix, has been cut from the game altogether after Infinity Ward scrubbed all mentions of it from social media.

Prior to the launch of the currently ongoing closed beta, Infinity Ward said the Grand Prix would be one of the maps players would get to try out. For whatever reason, that hasn't been the case, with Grand Prix nowhere to be seen in the beta and Infinity Ward making no comment on where it could possibly be.

To make things look even worse for the fate of the new map, Call of Duty site CharlieIntel reports that Infinity Ward has actually scrubbed all mention of Grand Prix from its socials, including removing Tweets mentioning it and trailers featuring it. Its absence from the beta combined with Infinity Ward removing any mention of it and trying to make our memories of it a Mandela effect make it seem likely that the map has been taken out of the game.

One possible theory for why the map has been removed is due to copyright issues. As pointed out by ResetEra user ASleepingMonkey, the map is almost a one-to-one recreation of a track in Singapore. Considering there's a race scheduled on that track in just a few weeks, it's unlikely that F1 wanted players running around and killing each other on a strikingly similar map.

In other Call of Duty news, the series is currently in the middle of a well-publicized argument between Sony and Microsoft as the former argues that it shouldn't be made exclusive to Xbox consoles, despite Microsoft having purchased Activision Blizzard and the rights to its games for $70 billion earlier this year. That is on top of all the controversies the series and its publisher Activision have been involved with since July of last year, when it was reported that the company had fostered a culture of workplace abuse.

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