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Modder Adds Traverse Town To Kingdom Hearts 3

A Kingdom Hearts modder has started to add Traverse Town into Kingdom Hearts 3.

Out of all the original worlds in Kingdom Hearts, Traverse Town is unarguably one of the most important. Not only is the first world that Sora visits outside of his own, it's also where he meets Donald, Goofy, and the whole of the Hollow Bastion restoration committee for the first time. As the series progressed, Traverse Town only made a few more appearances, with its last showing being in Dream Drop Distance, where it was changed up quite a lot to fit The World Ends With You.

Fans hoping to see Traverse Town in Kingdom Hearts 3 were sorely disappointed, with only a few original worlds making the cut and being drastically sized down from how we'd seen them before (looking at you Twilight Town). That means it's up to the fans to try and get these worlds back in Kingdom Hearts 3, which is exactly what modder bbsven has started to do.

The mod was shared over on the Kingdom Hearts subreddit, where it currently sits as the most liked post of the week. The post features Sora with his original Kingdom Hearts model standing next to the postbox in Traverse Town's First District, which looks incredible recreated in this engine. According to bbsven, the assets have all been recreated using Blender, zBrush, Substance, and Unreal Engine 4.

The amount of detail in what is clearly an early version of the project is impressive, from the accessory shop on the left to the Moogle sat right next to the postbox. Alongside the post, bbsven said, "This is just a first test- planning to put the rest of the first district in ASAP! This is one of many map mods I'm working on for KH3, if you want a look at my other work you can see some on my profile or on my Twitter 🙂 All assets recreated from scratch using the KH1 map files as reference. Made with Blender, zBrush, Substance and UE4. There's definitely some issues here I'm working on, but it makes a nice sneak peek!"

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