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Mobile Spin-Off NieR Reincarnation Is Heading West

During today’s pre-Tokyo Game Show stream, publisher Square Enix confirmed a ton of news surrounding the NieR series. Not only will remaster NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 be releasing in April 2021 but mobile spin-off NieR Reincarnation will be receiving a western release in both the US and Europe sometime in the future. Coming to both iOS and Android, that’s really all we know about the project thus far.

A trailer from back in April showed off “in-game” footage but didn’t exactly clue us into what genre Reincarnation would be. Series producer Yako Taro has said the title will be free-to-play and contain gacha elements, so it’s likely not going to be anything essential to the plotline of Replicant or Automata. Still, at least fans that are craving more NieR won’t need to resort to fan translations to experience this.

If you happen to live in Japan, pre-registration for the mobile title on both the App Store and Google Play store. Square Enix has created social media accounts for the English release, though they don’t give us much more information. We simply know the game is coming, will be available on mobile devices, and will feature microtransactions.

From a visual standpoint, I don’t think Reincarnation looks bad. It’s actually quite surprising to see a mobile title push out current-generation visuals. I just hope the gacha elements don’t overwhelm whatever design this title takes. If Square Enix wants this to appeal to more than just people with deep pockets, it would be wise to not go overboard here.

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