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Minecraft Player Turns The Sun And Moon Into Blocks

Minecraft players have pulled off some incredible feats in the past, but a very dedicated person going on Reddit by the name of JoeFly2009 has now surpassed them all, turning the Sun and Moon into blocks. “I remade the Minecraft Sun and Moon in 3D,” the player noted on the popular social media platform.

“You looked at the Moon and you thought ‘why isn't it a cube?’ Well, if it is your case, this Resource Pack is perfect for you! It recreates the Minecraft Moon and Sun in 3D,” JoeFly2009 posted on the modding website appropriately known as Planet Minecraft.

When it comes to the technical details, JoeFly2009 explains how “the Moon texture is a bit different from the original. I resized an image from the computer generated imagery Moon Kit by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, changed some pixels and made a 3D model. For the Sun, I just used a yellow gradient from the center to the edges of the model. The model texture of the Moon is 16x, however the actual texture in the Resource Pack is 2048x! If you use a spyglass, you won't see the Moon and the Sun pixelated!”

The installation is far from complicated, but the actual process varies depending on which version of Minecraft you have, Java or Bedrock. As for the former, players have only to “open Minecraft and go to Options, Resource Packs, Open Folder. Copy or Cut and Paste the file downloaded there. Activate the Resource Pack.” When it comes to the latter, you have to “open your File Manager and go to Downloads. Open the file with Minecraft. Wait for the Importation to complete and activate the Resource Pack.”

The mod of course comes with a short list of credits. JoeFly2009 gives “thanks to Blaholtzen for the original idea” as well as “NASA for the CGI Moon Kit.”

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