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Minecraft NFT Creators Apologize For Disappearing With $1.2 Million, But Say It Isn’t Their Fault

Apparent NFT rug pulls are nothing new, so few were surprised when that appeared to be the case with a recent Minecraft project. What was eye-catching about Blockverse, however, was that it reportedly raised 500ETH in just eight minutes, which translates to more than $1.2 million, before it went dark and left investors angry and confused.

But now, four days on from the controversy, the team has broken its silence. The Blockverse creators have finally issued a statement, shedding some light on why they cut contact with the community. However, it appears to have done very little to appease its audience, with many still convinced it's a rug pull, and some asking for refunds.

In the Twitter statement, the Blockverse team says that it had to suddenly cut communications due to threats from the community. They insist that the launch went well, but technical difficulties with server limits created hostility.

"Everything was fully legitimate: our contract was verified, the game infrastructure was fully set up…After the launch, we went straight to work continuing development on Phase 2, a future expansion of Blockverse", the statement opens. "In the midst of our continued development, we failed to realize and contain all the FUD [fear, uncertainty and doubt] that was going on through a multitude of issues."

These issues include the aforementioned Minecraft server limits, but also high gas fees – an NFT service charge. They do not explain whether these aspects were considered before the sale launched, but do insist that this was "out of their control".

"18 hours in after launch, the FUD quickly descended into harassment, threats, and doxxing", the explanation continues. "The team noticed all this and panicked, deleting the discord server on impulse. Everything else was closed to prevent the continuation of harassment that had occurred so far."

Despite saying that there is "no reason" for them to leave the project behind, the website and Discord server are both still down. The Twitter account has, once again, gone silent, having not tweeted since the statement.

The team rounds off by saying that they are "disappointed" that their community jumped on "false accusations", but apologizes to the "loyal patrons" for any inconvenience caused. It remains to be seen if anything comes from this, given that there have been no public updates in two days now. But it's definitely something to keep in mind next time a project like this pops up online.

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