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Minecraft Glitch Makes Frogs Able To Swallow Goats Whole

The beta version of Minecraft shipped with a particularly bad bug which let frogs eat just about anything. Within hours of its release last month, players began to notice for example how they could swallow goats whole.

The studio behind Minecraft, Mojang, revealed this remarkable ability during a preview of the next big update. While diving into the details of the patch, Game Developer Alexander Östman mentioned that frogs would soon be able to gobble up Slimes and Magma Cubes. Asked by a player if they would be able to eat axolotls, Östman clearly understood the reference being made. He went on to explain how the bug managed to make its way into the game.

"I was developing the frogs and I was going to add this 'eat mob' behavior. As I was testing it, I thought I could test it together with the goat," Östman remarked. "I temporarily added that frogs could eat the goats which I suppose is very, very silly. What happened was that I forgot to remove that part of the code when putting it into the beta, so for the first beta, the frogs were actually eating goats.” He noted how “the first time I saw a player posting a video of this, I literally fell off my chair laughing because it was so funny."

While he had a lot to say about their predatory behavior, Östman also discussed a couple of other amusing bugs involving frogs that cropped up in the beta version. Östman for example mentioned how they would repeatedly slap themselves in the face with their tongues whenever they tried to swallow a Slime. Frogs were apparently messy eaters for a while in Minecraft.

These and other bugs have since been removed from the game, so players will probably never see them, but there might just be even more amusing bugs in future versions of Minecraft. Players can take part in squashing these by turning on experimental features and reporting whatever they come across to Mojang.

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