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Minecraft Fans Share How They Would Design A Final Update

Minecraft has been going for 14 years, with update after update revitalising the game generation after generation. It's unrecognisable compared to its alpha and early beta days, with sprawling caverns and in-depth villages – even the Nether was once new. But maybe one day that update streak will end, with one final swansong to send it off, and that's what fans are discussing. How would they design it?

Before unpacking Sideburns0's answer, here's some context: Minecraft used to add a note in each update saying "Removed Herobrine", which was part of a self-contained Minecraft urban legend. To sum it up, there was a myth that the game had a nefarious evil Steve that could randomly show up in your world and toy with you. It wasn't real, but countless videos cropped up of "Herobrine spottings" and other falsifications that only furthered this creepypasta. So, what if the final update had a note that said "Added Herobrine" with no further clarification? Maybe Mojang did, maybe it didn't. We'll have to find out.

Another answer, that's a little more useful, is adding in every single mob that lost the popular vote. If you don't know, Mojang occasionally creates concepts for three new mobs, and then it asks the community to vote for one that will be added to the game. That's how the Glow Squid and Allay were implemented. Adding in the losers could see the Iceologer, Moobloom, Copper Golem, Glare, Barnacle, and more finally get their dues.

In the same answer as adding all the loser mobs, kingstaffo10 also suggested a major End overhaul. Not to make you feel old (definitely to make you feel old), End Cities were revealed way back in 2015, eight years ago, and they're fairly basic compared to the Nether. That's not even accounting for the base End where you fight the Ender Dragon, which hasn't changed much at all since it debuted. Given that it's the literal endgame, it could do with a facelift, and an End update for the end of Minecraft certainly feels fitting.

Going beyond actual in-game suggestions, others have put forward that Minecraft's Java version should go open source if support ever does come to a close, giving modders greater freedom to make Minecraft their own. This would allow for the community to keep the game fresh even if Mojang moves forward with whatever its next project may be in this hypothetical scenario.

Then you have golems, the long-requested Aether dimension, sideway slabs, space, more enchantments, new bosses, and, in what would certainly be controversial, a rollback to 1.16.5, completely without warning, and out of the blue. You get an old Minecraft, Mojang stops updating it, and that's that. Or, a final attempt at revamping combat. The community is full of ideas.

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