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Minecraft Dungeons DLC release date confirmed with Jungle Awakens news

Microsoft and developers Mojang have revealed its plans for the first Minecraft Dungeons release coming to all platforms. But even if you aren’t planning to snap up the new content, the development team has also confirmed that a new Dungeon is being released as part of a free update. From what has been shared so far, the next major Minecraft Dungeons update will be a big one, adding new locations, weapons and mobs to the game. The free update will add the Lost Temple dungeon and new items to the game, while the Minecraft Jungle Awakens paid-DLC will offer weapons, armour and new story missions.


According to Mojang, the new Minecraft Dungeons DLC release date for Jungle Awakens has been scheduled for Wednesday, July 1.

That means gamers have less than a week to wait until the new content arrives on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Everyone who owns the game will get access to the Lost Temple Dungeon, while those who own the Hero Editions of the game will get automatic access to the new DLC content.

A message from Mojang adds: “For those of you who already bought the Hero Edition, all of this is included! Don’t worry, you can always upgrade your standard game with the Hero Pass.

“Jungle Awakens will be released on July 1, so get ready to battle new mobs such as the Leapleaf and Whisperer before ultimately saving the day by defeating the Jungle Abomination.”

And commenting on the free update, Mojang provided an early teaser, telling fans this week:

“One thing they did add was more shrubbery, vines, and humidity. Foliage as far as the eye can see.

“Oh, and a bunch of new weapons, armors, artifacts, and mobs. And three new story missions! Aaaand a free update, which includes the Lost Temple dungeon, some new items, and a few game balancing changes. Phew! I’m out of breath and I haven’t even gotten to the pandas yet.”

According to Microsoft, there are two DLC expansions planned for Minecraft Dungeons, following the game’s successful release earlier this year.

Next week’s Dungeons is also expected to bring a number of other changes separate from new content.

Mojang has been busy patching the game throughout June and this isn’t expected to stop in July.

Next week’s free update will come with more fixes and balance changes to help to keep the game fun for everyone to play.

And you can expect with such a large content update there could be few more bugs needing to be squashed in the weeks to come.

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