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Minecraft: Common Errors And Snapshot Guide

Despite Minecraft being around for over a decade now, it can still be a little daunting at times, especially when playing on servers or snapshots. Error codes like outdated server, connection refused or bad login can be confusing if you’re used to single-player worlds.

Then there are snapshots. These have frequently changing codes like 21w10a and can seem daunting. Since they are basically small beta versions of upcoming updates there are things you need to be aware of in terms of bugs and errors if you want to explore them.

This guide offers an overview of the most common Minecraft errors and how to fix them, as well as a simple explanation of snapshots and what to expect when playing them.

What Does Outdated Server Or Client Mean?

These error messages are generated when the version of Minecraft on the server and client (your launcher) don’t match. Outdated server means that the server you are trying to connect to is using an older version of Minecraft than the one you are trying to use, while an outdated client error means the server is using a newer version than you are.

While large Minecraft updates are well spread out, minor updates are quite frequent and it’s these that cause the errors. Minecraft will automatically add new versions of the game to the launcher, but it doesn’t remove the old ones. Instead, you have to do that yourself under the “installations” tab. It also tends to default to loading the latest release, which is why errors like this are so common.

How To Fix It

When the error appears it will often, although not always, tell you the version required. To change the version simply click the drop-down box in the installer to the left of the play button. Here you can choose from any version you have played before and not uninstalled, the latest version, and the latest snapshot.

What Does Connection Refused Mean?

This error occurs when there is no online server associated with the IP Address you have entered. It could be because the server is offline, or it could be that the information you used is incorrect.

How To Fix It

To solve the issue first check that the IP Address you entered matches that of the server. If it does then you need to check for errors at the server end. Often just restarting the server will solve connection issues.

What Does Failed To Login: Bad Login Mean?

This error can also occur when Minecraft versions on servers and clients don’t match, or if you are attempting to connect a non-standard client to a standard server or vice versa. However, most commonly it occurs when you try to log in too quickly after a server restart or your connection is timing out before it fully logs you in.

How To Fix It

Waiting a couple of minutes and retrying will fix the issue if it’s an issue with logging in too fast. If it persists check your version match just in case and then check your internet connection and speed.

What Does This Server Responded With An Invalid Server Key Mean?

This error message is usually found when dealing with modded servers. It’s a bug related to measures implemented to prevent exploits.

How To Fix It

The only way to solve this is just to try and log in again until it works. Just leave a little time between attempts to avoid bad logins.

What Does You Are Not Whitelisted On This Server Mean?

A number of servers will have a whitelist. This is a list of the usernames of people who can access that server. It’s most commonly found on private servers used by small groups such as friends, family, or communities. If you’re trying to connect to a server and it is restricted in this way then this is the message you’ll get if your username isn’t on the list.

How To Fix It

If you should be on the list you’ll need to contact the administrator of the server and ask them to check and add you if required. If you’re trying to connect to a server you have no personal connection to then don’t beg to be whitelisted, it won’t work.

Common Error Codes

io.netty.handler.timeout.ReadTimeoutException: Internal Exception

This error occurs when your game cannot keep up with the server and you fall too far out of sync. Usually, this is because either your computer cannot process the data fast enough, or your internet connection is too slow.

How To Fix It

The easiest fix is to close any other programs that may be causing bandwidth issues. Make sure to check the taskbar in the bottom right of your PC to see if you have background apps working. It’s also worth checking your internet connection speed to see if this is the issue.

java.net.SocketException: Connection Reset

This means the connection between server and client has been disrupted abruptly. Usually, this is due to a server restart or the internet connection failing during connection.

How To Fix It

Try logging in again after giving the server time to restart properly. It’s also worth checking your connection stability.

java.io.IOException: Server Returned HTTP Response Code: 503

This error occurs when minecraft.net is down. It’s most common when realm maintenance is taking place.

How To Fix It

Check the Minecraft Webpage to find details of maintenance and issues at Minecraft’s end that may affect servers.

What Are Snapshots?

Snapshots are unfinished test versions of upcoming large patches and are available on Java Edition for all players to take a look at. On other editions including Bedrock, they are known as builds. Since they are unrefined versions of the content there will often be glitches and bugs. Public testing helps these be identified and reported before the final version is compiled and released.

Snapshots can be installed under the Installations tab of the launcher and played by selecting them from the version menu on the main screen.

What Does 21w10a Mean?

Snapshots are usually released on a Wednesday and are named in YYwWWx format and the code above is the Snapshot code at the time of writing. YY is the year, so currently 21, WW is the week, currently 10, and x is a unique letter code used as an identifier, currently a. Snapshots are only released when there are new features to test.

What Should I Expect?

Snapshots may include new mechanics, blocks, mobs, and items. They offer players a chance to test out new features and see how they play before they are finalized. Feedback helps Mojang take player experiences into account.

It’s worth using a different world for snapshots, or making sure you have a backup copy of any world you load. You’ll find your Minecraft save files in your Minecraft installation folder.

Troubleshooting Advice

Whichever version of Minecraft you are playing the most common causes of issues are server crashes, internet connection issues, and conflicts with versions. Restarting your server as well as checking your connection and versions should solve the majority of your issues.

Just remember that whatever troubleshooting tips you use they won’t stop that creeper problem. That one’s on you.

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