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Mihoyo To Give Away 10,000 Primogems And A Year-Long Subscription To Adobe Apps For Genshin Impact Fanart Contest

It’s no secret that Genshin Impact’s fans are super creative. From cosplay that brings the characters to life to amazing recreations of the weapons and items in the game, the fans go above and beyond to show their love for the open-world RPG. Therefore, it makes sense that the developers behind the game, Mihoyo, would hold a fan art contest to let fans truly show off their love for the game. Plus, the prizes for the contest are pretty great!

According to the Genshin Impact website, the contest is in celebration of the upcoming Lantern Rite festival of Liyue. Dubbed “A Sea of Lights,” fans will have the chance to post their fan art based on the theme of the title. Participants must post their work in the Billboards section of the Genshin Impact community (HoYoLAB) using the topic “A Sea of Lights.”

The event, which will accept submissions from February 18 – 24, is offering fans some pretty sweet prizes. From Primogems to yearly-subscriptions to Adobe, fans have several opportunities to walk away from this event with some cool swag. In fact, the list of rewards is a source of excitement over on Genshin’s Reddit thread, where fans are surprised by the quality of prize offered.

Not only are the prizes great, but fans can submit up to five works to be considered. That is up to five chances to win a year’s subscription of Adobe apps. Fans are definitely happy with the quality of prizes offered for this event and the rigorous submissions process that will hopefully create a more fair playing field.

Speaking of the submissions process, there is some criteria that anyone hoping to submit should be aware of. All of the submitted works should be colored and drafts or incomplete works will not be considered for prizes. That said, when uploading a submission, fans should also include pictures of their process (drafts, sketches, etc) as evidence that they actually did the work. Beyond a signature by the artist (which should be in the corner of the work), the finished works cannot contain letters, words, or characters. Finally, submissions should include a title for the piece and a brief outline of the inspiration and meaning behind the work.

If you are a fan of Genshin and have a talent with a pen, you should definitely enter this contest. You never know, you could walk away with a cool prize and a great experience.

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