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Microsoft Working On "Smaller, More Power-Efficient Chip" For Xbox Series X

Microsoft might be working on a new version of the Xbox Series X (and S), but rather than making it more powerful, Microsoft engineers are more concerned with keeping it cool and efficient.

This rumor of a future Xbox Series X revision comes courtesy of journalist Brad Sams (via Pure Xbox). In a video about gaming and tech news, Sams also answered questions from the audience about a potential upgrade for the Xbox Series X|S.

"I believe this is true," Sams said. "I know that Microsoft was working on revisions of the chip. Now, are we going to see performance improvements, are we going to see anything else? I do not believe so but Microsoft is always working on making cooler, more efficient chips because that lowers the cost of production."

Building a better chip has become a growing concern in the tech industry thanks to the chip shortage that has been restricting supplies of next-gen consoles for the past year and a half. While a cooler, more efficient chip would undoubtedly improve performance, a cheaper chip and easier to manufacture chip would let Microsoft make more Xboxes and therefore sell more consoles.

"I believe it is accurate that Microsoft is working on a smaller, more power-efficient chip," Sams added. "That is, I'm very confident in that."

When we might see an Xbox Series X|S update is an open question. Stubborn supply chain issues have caused more than one console manufacturer to delay its plans, and we might not even find out if Microsoft decides to delay its revision of the Xbox Series X|S.

For those that already have a next-gen console and are playing Halo Infinite, Season 2 of Microsoft’s reborn shooter is set to arrive next month, although some players wish it would hurry and get here sooner.

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