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Meta Quest Pro VR Headset Video Leaks Online

Video footage of what’s being described as the Meta Quest Pro has leaked online and is now making the rounds on social media.

The footage comes courtesy of Mexican game streamer Ramiro Cardenas, who apparently found two boxes labeled "Meta Quest Pro" left in a hotel room. Opening the first box reveals a VR headset that looks suspiciously like Project Cambria, a next-gen high-end virtual reality headset Meta first teased last May.

The headset appears to be completely wireless much like the Meta Quest 2. Each controller has a smooth and streamlined appearance, making it a stark departure from traditional VR controllers with their looped designs. The packaging on the front notes that the box is "not for resale – engineering sample," meaning the final design might look slightly different from what we see here.

It all looks very similar to teasers for Project Cambria, Meta's coming high-end headset. Called the "Chromebook for your face" internally, the hardware specs on Project Cambria are very similar to a Chromebook laptop. It uses a Meta OS based on Google's Android and will be compatible with various web tools and services. Each lens will be "high resolution," although we still don't know the true fidelity of the lenses, and a trio of cameras on the front will offer full-color passthrough footage, so users can see where they are in the real world. It's a system similar to the PSVR 2's "seethrough" mode.

While the headset looks lighter than the Meta Quest 2, Project Cambria is rumored to offer even greater battery life, which likely means a heavier battery. We can't know for sure as Cardenas only offered images and footage and never put the headset on. Speaking to The Verge, Cardenas said that the Meta employee eventually returned to retrieve their headsets.

We're not even sure that the Quest Pro is what the headset will be called, although code found by Steve Moser and shared with Bloomberg seemed to confirm the name. We'll likely find out for sure at the Meta Connect event on October 11, where Project Cambria/Meta Quest Pro is expected to be fully revealed.

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