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Medieval Dynasty: 7 Relatable Things Every Player Does

Medieval Dynasty is a survival game that takes place in a quaint valley, filled with small villages and dangerous creatures. As a survival game with a loose story, you can do pretty much anything you want to. While there are chapter quests for you to follow, you can deviate and build the village of your dreams, or dedicate your time to finding the best wife.

Like most video games, there may some be unconventional practices that you do while playing, which many other players happen to do as well. Here, you can find some relatable things that we all do while playing Medieval Dynasty.

7/7 Parking Your Horse At The Door

First up, we have parking your horse right at the door. This is a common occurrence in pretty much every game that has horses. Rather than taking your horse to a stable that is probably nearby, it’s easier to take the horse right to your door.

This can lead to your horse ending up in strange positions, especially if it’s parked in a way that makes a portion of its body clip into your house. Your horse won't end up on a roof like Roach from The Witcher 3, but it may cause a slight jumpscare if you open your door to a giant horse head.

6/7 Steal From Town

We all know that stealing is bad in real life. In video games through, that’s a whole other matter. The mindset seems to be ‘if I can steal it, I will’. This holds true for Medieval Dynasty. Like Skyrim, you can steal items when nobody is looking. If you happen to get caught, you will lose some dynasty reputation.

Sometimes, this requires to you be stealthy. On some occasions though, you can just waltz into a villager's house, loot their chests, and take anything laying around. Sometimes, you may even find a valuable item that you were looking for. Be careful though, the NPCs are smarter than you think! If you try to sell a stolen good back in the same town, people will start to catch on and you won't be able to sell.

5/7 Overload Your Inventory

Medieval Dynasty does not have unlimited inventory, which means that you need to manage the weight of items that you gather. Your carrying capacity can be increased, but many gamers find it frustrating as to how heavy things can be. After chopping down a few trees, you can quickly become encumbered.

Sometimes, you may become encumbered, but still have the ability to move slowly. We’ve all been here, and had to make the choice between moving slowly to storage or dropping a heavy item.

4/7 Place The First House In The Wrong Location

Building is exciting, especially when you are placing your very first house. If you haven’t fully explored the valley, you may have no clue where to put this house. This leads to placing your house somewhere that you really don’t like.

Although it wastes resources, you are able to destroy a built house to place it somewhere else. If you happen to be indecisive, this situation may happen when you are building additional structures in your town as well.

3/7 Forget To Bathe

Even though you are living in the medieval age and hygiene isn’t a focus, you still need to bathe. Wading through the river can quickly get you clean, but if you choose to walk or ride across bridges and seldom go in the river, you can become dirty.

To clean yourself without the river, you can make a simple washtub to clean yourself in. Of course, this isn’t a central priority of the game, so it’s very easy to forget all about this.

2/7 Teleport Home After The Season Ends

Every night, you can either sleep at home or near a campfire. In total, there are three ‘days’ in a season, which means that during each season, you can sleep three times. If you sleep at a campfire away from home on the final day of the season, you will be teleported to your house.

This is used as a quick way to travel home. For example, say you build your town just north of Borowo. On the final day of the season, you head all the way to Jezerica. Rather than going all the way home, you can simply sleep and teleport back.

1/7 Ignore The Chapter Quests

Chapter quests are the main story of the game. Through these quests, you can get nice rewards and increase your build limit, but at times, you may put the main story to the side and work on something else entirely.

For example, you recently married and want to give your wife a nice gift. Instead of completing the story, you dedicate your time to saving up money to buy the gift. Alternatively, you could push the story to the side to work on getting your first mount. There’s no shame in not completing the story right away!

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