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Mass Effect Modders Are Fixing The "Fixed" Mako

A big selling point of Mass Effect Legendary Edition is that the first game has received a lot of fixes. This ranges from improved textures to addressing oversights. But as any Mass Effect fan will know, one of the most complained about aspects of the first game is the Mako, and what a pain it was to drive.

This was supposedly fixed for the Legendary Edition, but as we’ve previously reported, not everyone is happy with the changes. And that still seems to be the case, as a fan-made fix has just gone live, offering further changes to the infamous vehicle.

The “N7 Mako” mod aims to improve the vehicle’s climbing abilities, which in the vanilla game leaves a lot to be desired. This should also prevent you from flipping on your back the second you collide with so much as a stone. On top of that, the mod makes the Mako faster, giving it a much higher base speed.

However, since adjusting the Mako’s stats could lead to some even more chaotic driving, the mod comes with three different presets. There’s tourist, which will boost the speed just a pinch from the vanilla Mako, but focus more on control and stability. But if you’re in a rush to find Saren, go with the racer option which prioritizes speed above all else – just be careful trying to climb mountains. Lastly, there’s a default option if you’d rather be well equipped for anything a new planet throws at you.

While Mass Effect Legendary Edition hasn’t been out long, many modders have already begun tweaking the Mako. There’s a couple of other mods out there which either increase the boost duration, or make it so it has no cooldown at all. Giving the Mako a small boost option was a very welcome change to the remaster, and it looks like fans want more of it.

Anyone interested in the Mass Effect modding scene overall is in luck. BioWare actually consulted with modders during the remastered trilogy’s development, and the community expects a “modding renaissance” due to changes making the task easier.

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