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Mass Effect 2: All Upgrade Locations

Mass Effect 2 is a game stuffed full of ways to improve your combat abilities. Each individual weapon has its own upgrade set, plus there are some for your teammates and ship. Some of these are essential to your success, whether in firefights or the actual story, so it’s crucial to know where each and everyone is. This guide will lead you to them!

How To Get Normandy Upgrades In Mass Effect 2

Med-Bay Upgrade – Mordin Recruitment Mission

You can unlock the med-bay upgrade after completing Mordin’s recruitment mission and adding him to your squad. Shepard will receive a message pertaining to the med-bay from Dr. Chakwas. It doesn’t impact the story of Mass Effect 2 but does allow you to heal your scars.

Thanix Cannon – Garrus

Garrus is always calibrating those engines, so it’s only fitting that he has a suggestion to improve the ship: huge Turian cannons that can be installed on the front of the Normandy. He comes up with this idea after Mordin joins the team. This upgrade does have an impact on the conclusion of Mass Effect 2, so you should consider investing in it.

Advanced Mineral Scanner – Miranda

Sick of meticulously scanning planets for resources? After Mordin joins the Normandy crew, Miranda will suggest a better version of the Mineral Scanner the next time you speak to her. It might not be essential, but it’s a godsend.

Heavy Ship Armour – Jacob

Once Mordin has been recruited, speaking to Jacob will prompt him to suggest better armor for the Normandy. Whether or not you unlock this upgrade will have an impact on the story of Mass Effect 2.

Multicore Shielding – Tali

Since Shepard crashlanded the original Normandy, you’ll probably jump at the opportunity when you speak to Tali and she suggests installing Multicore Shielding – after Mordin joins your team. As you’d expect, it does have an impact on the game’s conclusion.

 Modular Probe Bay – Thane

After Mordin gets on the ship, you can also speak to Thane and he will recommend a modular probe bay. It’s a non-essential bonus but it takes a lot of the annoyance out of probing by doubling your capacity.

Extended Fuel Cells – Samara/Morinth

Speaking to Samara (or Morinth) will prompt her to suggest bigger fuel cells for your ship, inspired by Mordin’s arrival onboard. It’s not important for the conclusion of Mass Effect 2 but is still useful.

How To Get Squad Member Upgrades In Mass Effect 2

Geth Shield – Tali Loyalty Mission

This Geth Shield upgrade is found during Tali’s loyalty mission, where she is on trial for treason. You’ll spend the first part of this mission on a ship called the Rayya before switching to a ship called the Alarei.

The first room contains Geth you’ll have to take down, but then you”ll progress down a hallway. There are several rooms off of the hallway before the next main segment. One is a medbay. The other is a small office. In the office, you’ll need to hack the monitor to earn this upgrade.

Geth Shield – Legion Loyalty Mission

During Legion’s loyalty mission you will traverse a base crawling with hostile Geth. Shepard can find the Geth Shield Boost during this mission once arriving in the Heretic Station Interior.

You’ll know that you’ve arrived at the right room because one Geth Hunter and two Geth Troopers will attack you and after you kill them the squadmate (that isn’t Legion) will ask how on the room outside the windows is. Legion replies that it’s probably more than 15 kilometers long.

The Geth Shield upgrade is available in this room by bypassing a Geth Terminal. If you reach the section where you are holding your position against waves of Geth, you’ve gone too far.

Krogan Vitality – Grunt Recruitment Mission

During Grunt’s recruitment mission, you can find one of his upgrades. You’ll begin at the research base’s outskirts, then approach and take out its defenses, before entering the base itself.

Shepard will meet Okeer and discuss their actions on Virmire from the previous games, then Okeer will demand that Shepard kill Jedore. Before you leave this room to do just that, hack the terminal nearby to unlock the Krogan Vitality upgrade.

Krogan Vitality – Mordin Loyalty Mission

Mordin’s loyalty mission involves his disturbing past working on the genophage. Once you’ve entered the hospital together, you’ll interact with the Clan Weyrlock Speaker before reaching a laboratory with research equipment and a dead Krogan woman in an off-shoot room. Interacting with her will prompt a conversation with Mordin about his research and regrets. Then, before leaving the room, hack the terminal here to earn your Krogan Vitality upgrade.

+20% Mordin Tech Damage – Mordin

This upgrade is fairly simple to acquire – when you talk to Mordin after recruiting him, there will be a prompt to ask Mordin about upgrades. He then provides this one for you to invest in.

+20% Jack Biotic Damage – Jack

You can speak to Jack about upgrades after Mordin has joined the crew. This will prompt her to give you this 20% upgrade to her damage.

How To Get Medical Upgrades In Mass Effect 2

+1 Medi-Gel Capacity – Mordin Recruitment Mission

This Medi-Gel upgrade is pretty easy to find. During Mordin’s recruitment mission, you’ll enter his clinic and spend a while chatting with him. It’s easy to get distracted, but don’t forget to find the research terminal to get your well-earned medi-gel upgrade before you exit the clinic.

+1 Medi-Gel Capacity – Miranda Loyalty Mission

During Miranda’s loyalty mission, you”ll enter and fight in what is essentially a warehouse. An elevator takes you down to this area, so don’t take a second elevator until you’ve found the upgrade.

After being attacked by Loki Mechs (and then a group of mercenaries, further down the hall) your squad can head across a conveyor belt. On the other side, there will be an office room with a hackable computer and a dead merc who can be searched to discover the medi-gel upgrade.

+1 Medi-Gel Capacity – Normandy: Serrice Ice Brandy

In Mass Effect 2, Shepard is given this assignment to find a bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy for Dr. Chakwas. When they retrieve it, the good doctor will ask to have a drink with you. You are given the opportunity to decline – but don’t. Not only is it fun to get drunk with your usually-uptight friend, but you can also only earn this upgrade after having the drink together. It’ll be rewarded automatically after the cutscene.

+1 Medi-Gel Capacity – Arrival

The Arrival assignment asks you to go rescue Dr. Amanda Kenson from the Batarians who have kidnapped her. While sneaking into the base, you’ll reach a point where you need to activate crane controls in order to progress and clear a path. However, you should actually use the crane controls to lift up the nearby container. If you then go down to where it was, you”ll find the medi-gel upgrade that was hidden behind it.

+1 Medi-Gel Capacity – Citadel: Sirta Foundation

One of the upgrades to your medi-gel capacity is purchased on the Citadel, in a store called the Sirta Foundation. It’s found in the Zakera Ward, in the Mid-Wards District.

+1 Medi-Gel Capacity – Illium: Serrice Technology

The final medi-gel upgrade is purchased from a store on Illium. It’s called Serrice Technology and is being attended by an Asari named Hermia.

Trauma Module

This upgrade, the Trauma Module, is unlocked for you automatically once you have invested in two of the other upgrades.

Emergency Shielding

The Emergency Shielding upgrade can only be acquired by investing in medi-gel capacity upgrades three times.

How To Get Omni-Tool Upgrades In Mass Effect 2

+10% Tech Power Damage – Garrus Recruitment Mission

An explosion interrupts you when speaking with Garrus during his recruitment mission. At this point, you’re attacked by Blood Pack members, and Garrus tells you to head to the basement. Before you do, find the omni-tool on the ground that will give you this tech damage upgrade.

+10%  Tech Power Damage – Kasumi Loyalty Mission

One of the omni-tool damage upgrades is found during Kasumi’s Loyalty mission, as you’re on your way out but before you reach the landing platform outside. After activating the mass accelerator weapon in order to explode the tanks, keep moving and take out enemies as you go.

You’ll drop into a room where you must fight Eclipse Troopers, an Eclipse Heavy, a YMIR Mech – and then a truck pulls up with even more opponents. Take them all out and head for the door but pause – because you find the damage upgrade on the left side of the door by searching a dead mercenary.

+10% Tech Power Damage – Collector Ship Mission

This tech-power damage upgrade is found during your adventure on the Collector ship. As you attempt to escape back onto the Normandy, you’ll have to take down a Praetorian. Then, when you attempt to leave, the door slams shut and EDI calculates an alternate route out. The hallway she guides Shepard down has some Collector Technology to salvage and, across from it, there’s a control terminal where you will find your omni-tool upgrade.

+10% Tech Power Damage – Tali Loyalty Mission

Tali’s loyalty mission has Shepard attempting to convince the Quarians that Tali is not guilty of treason. If you are successful and Tali is found not guilty, Admiral Raan will give you this upgrade for your omni-tool.

+10% Tech Power Damage – Citadel: Saronis Applications

Thankfully, this power upgrade is an easy one to acquire. You only need to find the Saronis Applications store on the Citadel; it’s located on the Zakera Ward, in the Mid-Wards District.

+10% Tech Power Damage – Illium: Serrice Technology

One of the upgrades can be purchased with credits on Illium. Shepard just needs to head to the Serrice Technology store, tended by an Asari woman named Hermia.

+20% Tech Power Duration

This upgrade that extends the length of time that tech powers last for is automatically unlocked once Shepard has invested in two of the tech power damage upgrades.

+20% Tech Power Cooldown Reduction

To reduce the amount of time it takes for tech powers to cool down, you’ll need to have already unlocked three of the damage upgrades for your omni-tool.

Bypass Module – Illium: Serrice Technology

The Bypass Module upgrade is also bought with credits, from Hermia at the Serrice Technology store on Illium.

Hack Module – Omega: Harrot’s Emporium

The Hack Module upgrade for your omni-tool is unlocked by purchasing it from a shopkeeper. You’ll need to go to the Omega Marketplace and find a store called Harrott’s Emporium.

How To Get Shield Upgrades In Mass Effect 2

+10% Damage Protection – Jack Recruitment Mission

When attempting to recruit Jack for your squad, she breaks her chains and escapes by blasting a hole in a nearby wall.

Before you follow her through it, be sure to turn around and scan the YMIR Mech in the back of the room. It’ll provide this damage protection upgrade.

+10% Damage Protection – Collector Ship Mision

Quite early on in the Collector Ship mission, you are prompted with an advanced weapon training menu. Just after this, Shepard and the squad enter a room full of Collector pods and make a few comments. There are some ramps to climb up but stay towards the right. When you reach the end of the path, find the control terminal that gives this damage protection upgrade.

+10% Damage Protection – N7: Anomalous Weather Detected

This damage protection upgrade is pretty simple to get – all you need to do is complete the optional assignment N7: Anomalous Weather Detected. The upgrade is awarded upon completion.

+10% Damage Protection – Lair of the Shadow Broker Mission

During the first part of the Lair of the Shadow Broker mission with Liara, you’ll be facing off against Vasir, a spectre. Eventually, you reach her car, and Liara comments that there is blood, so Vasir must have been wounded when she crashed. Before following the trail, access the panel inside the car to get this upgrade.

+10% Damage Protection – Illium: Gateway Personal Defense

To unlock one of the damage protection upgrades, you’ll need to purchase it on Illium. The store you’re looking for is called Gateway Personal Defense, a weapons depot.

+10% Damage Protection – Citadel: Saronis Applications

One of the final upgrades for your shields is simply bought with credits on the Citadel. The player needs to find Saronis Applications, a store in the Zakera Wards – the Mid-Wards District – which is run by a Salarian named Marab.

Redundant Generator

The redundant generator is unique, in that it can only be unlocked once Shepard has already invested in two of the damage protection upgrades.

Hard Shields

To earn the hard shields upgrade, you’ll need to spend time getting resources – it’s only given to you once you’ve gotten three damage protection upgrades already.

How To Get Cybernetics Upgrades In Mass Effect 2

+10% Health – Horizon Mission

This health upgrade is actually available on one of the story missions, Horizon. You and your squad will land on Horizon in an open area with a picnic table, take out a few Collectors, then proceed to an area with buildings. After killing the Collectors here, be sure to check out the open buildings. Outside one of them is a dead Collector which you’ll scan to get the upgrade.

+10% Health – Reaper IFF

This story mission asks you to find a Reaper IFF device. When you enter the reaper, you’ll find a few logs with messages from Cerberus scientists. Turning left means you enter a large open space where you’re attacked by husks, abominations, and a scion. Once they’re all dead, the far side of the room has a research terminal you can hack to get the heavy skin weave upgrade.

+10% Health – N7: MSV Strontium Mule

This particular health upgrade is easy to locate. On the mission N7: MSV, at the very end, you are rewarded for your efforts when EDI tells you where the cargo hold is. When you go there, there’s a container to hack that will provide the upgrade.

+10% Health – Overlord: Atlas Station

This mission, part of the Overlord DLC, has an upgrade available towards the very beginning. You will do a little fighting and then enter an elevator – which proceeds to crash into the bottom of the shaft. The room that you exit into will have a damaged Geth corpse that you can scan for the heavy skin weave upgrade.

+10% Health – Arrival

This cybernetics upgrade is found late in the Arrival mission. Dr. Kenson – the person you were supposed to save but who has clearly become indoctrinated by the Reapers – eventually blows herself up and you are knocked unconscious.

When you awake, you try to contact the Normandy but can’t, so you must rely on the VI’s directions to the escape shuttles. Leave this core room and head down the hall till you reach a door on the left to a dead-end room. This is where you’ll find the heavy skin weave upgrade that provides +10% health.

+10% Health – Illium: Gateway Personal Defense

Going to the Gateway Personal Defense store on Illium will allow you to buy this skin weave upgrade.

+10% Health – Omega: Kenn’s Salvage

To purchase this final health upgrade, head over to the Omega space station and find the store, Kenn’s Salvage, managed by a Quarian of the same name.

+50% Melee Damage Protection

The melee damage protection is a lifesaver but can only be unlocked once you’ve gotten two of the health upgrades, first. Then, it’s given to you automatically.

+25% Melee Damage

You automatically receive this upgrade after investing in their third health upgrade.

How To Get Bio-Amps Upgrades In Mass Effect 2

+10% Biotic Damage – Horizon Mission

During the story mission on Horizon, you’ll leave a garage to head towards the Starport. A Scion will attack in this in-between section and, once you’ve killed it, don’t head immediately to the Starport. On the right-hand side of the area is another dead Collector from which you can get this upgrade.

+10% Biotic Damage – Samara Recruitment Mission

Samara’s recruitment mission involves traversing through an Eclipse hideout. There, you’ll find an Asari named Elnora. She is a recent recruit from the Eclipse mercenary group; after you talk to her, search the room around you and opt to “Download Results” from the “Sample 634 Analysis” to get the upgrade.

+10% Biotic Damage – Jack Loyalty Mission

This upgrade is found deep in the institution where they were keeping Jack, just before you reach her cell. When passing through the right area, you’ll know, because Jack will start commenting that her cell is nearby and how she must have busted through here on her way out. Several consoles will display messages from certain doctors. Hack the research terminal here to get the upgrade.

+10% Biotic Damage – Project Firewalker: Prothean Site

This quest has you and your squad journeying through a Prothean dig site after taking down its barrier. Inside, you’ll find a lot of things to read and loot. A terminal deeper into the site will provide the upgrade, just before you hack the computer console in order to access the relic you’ve been looking for.

+10% Biotic Damage – Tuchanka: Fortack’s Database

The store Fortack’s Database on Tuchanka is in the Urdnot Camp (it is in the area labeled as the “Med-Lab” on the map). Here, you can purchase a biotic damage upgrade with credits.

+10% Biotic Damage – Illium: Serrice Technology

The store in Illium, Serrice Technology, is a small kiosk maintained by an Asari named Hermia where you can buy this upgrade.

+20% Biotic Duration

After you’ve already invested in two of the damage upgrades for your biotics, this upgrade will be given to you automatically.

+20% Biotic Cooldown Reduction

The cooldown reduction isn’t given to you until you have unlocked three damage upgrades already.

How To Get Sub-Machine Gun Upgrades In Mass Effect 2

+10% Damage – Garrus Recruitment Mission

On Garrus’ recruitment mission, before meeting him, you’ll traverse through a merc base. Once you pass through the Blood Pack room (to be extra sure, bring Grunt with you, because he comments on it) go left and bypass the locked door to get this damage upgrade for your submachine guns.

+10% Damage – Thane Recruitment Mission

While you’re trying to reach Thane and recruit him, you need to fight your way up a building called Danius Tower Two. Eventually, you reach the roof and fight a few Vanguards and Commandos. Once they’re dealt with, you can go down to the end and find this upgrade. If you’ve reached the long, narrow walkway (often dubbed the “windy bridge”), you’ve gone too far.

+10% Damage – Miranda Loyalty Mission

This submachine gun upgrade is found during Miranda’s loyalty mission, once you arrive in the container transfer area. It isn’t long after you step off the elevator that it will be found. Listen to Miranda’s advice about the situation before being attacked. When you’ve taken out the enemies, progress and find the upgrade on top of a desk inside one of the containers.

+10% Damage – Lair of the Shadow Broker Mision

The submachine gun upgrade is available as a delivery, once you’ve completed the Shadow Broker missions. One is available per day (or per mission), so you’ll just need to wait till this upgrade comes around.

+10% Damage – Citadel: Rodam Expeditions

To unlock this upgrade, purchase it from Rodam Expeditions. It’s a store on the Citadel’s Zakera Ward, in the Mid-Wards District.

+10% Damage – Illium: Gateway Personal Defense

Gateway Personal Defense is a weapons store on Illium where Shepard can purchase this submachine gun upgrade.

+50% Shield Piercing

You will unlock this upgrade automatically, assuming you’ve already invested in two of the damage upgrades for shotguns.

+50% Extra Rounds

Again, after investing in three of the damage upgrades for shotguns, Shepard will automatically receive this one.

Where To Get Heavy Pistol Upgrades In Mass Effect 2

+10% Damage – Tali Recruitment Mission

At the beginning of this recruitment mission, you can choose one of two paths to clear out the geth. Whichever one you choose, the heavy pistol you need to scan for the upgrade will be found at the bottom of the ramps towards the end, in shaded cover.

+10% Damage – Thane Loyalty Mission

It’s easy to miss this particular upgrade. During Thane’s loyalty mission, you’ll be transported to Talid’s location by Bailey, and need to follow him. Most people just start following him and keeping Thane updated, but you should actually immediately go right to find the datapad that teaches you this upgrade.

+10% Damage – Jacob Loyalty Mission

While on Jacob’s loyalty mission, Shepard passes though a female-only encampment and then moves on to find Ronald Taylor, Jacob’s father. You’ll be attacked by a series of mechs, and once they’re all dead you need to explore the large crates nearby to grab the heavy pistol upgrade. If you hear Ronald over the PA, you’ve gone too far.

+10% Damage – Lair of the Shadow Broker Mission

During the Lair of the Shadow Broker mission, you’ll chase down a Spectre named Vasir. When you’ve pushed your way into the Dracon Trade Center, you need to activate the suppression systems. Once that’s done, Vasir says she’s on her way down and you begin to head up to meet her. On the upper level here you’ll have to take a few enemies out and then enter the room they were guarding in order to grab this upgrade.

+10% Damage – Citadel: Rodam Expeditions

Travel to Rodam Expeditions, a store on the Citadel’s Zakera Ward, in the Mid-Wards District, in order to buy this damage upgrade.

+10% Damage – Tuchanka: Fortack’s Database

Fortack’s Database, one of only two stores in the Urdnot Camp on Tuchanka, will sell this damage upgrade to you.

+50% Armour Piercing

Increased armour piercing comes as an upgrade once you have already done two of the damage upgrades.

Critical Hits

The critical hit upgrade is unlocked automatically, as soon as you’ve invested in three of the damage upgrades for this weapon.

How To Get Shotgun Upgrades In Mass Effect 2

+10% Damage – Jack Recruitment Mission

When Jack escapes her bondages and you follow her during the recruitment mission, you’ll fight a few prisoners and mercenaries before a huge YMIR Mech shows up. Once Shepard and friends manage to take it down, you’ll cross a bridge towards the back and head out. As you pass through – but before reaching the U-shaped corridor – scan the shotgun to unlock this damage upgrade.

+10% Damage – Grunt Loyalty Mission

At the end of Grunt’s Loyalty Mission, this upgrade for your shotguns is automatically awarded to you.

+10% Damage – Reaper IFF

This shotgun damage upgrade is found on a story mission where you’re trying to find a Reaper IFF device. You’ll travel inside a Reaper and end up on the outside, where a cutscene will play in which a sniper – wearing bits of N7 armour – shoots a few Husks nearby. You’ll then deal with a few husks and abominations, head up the stairs, around, and down the stairs again. At the bottom of these stairs, a Cerberus Shotgun will give you the upgrade.

+10% Damage – Lair of the Shadow Broker Mission

The shotgun upgrade is available as a delivery, once you’ve completed the Shadow Broker missions. One is available per day (or per mission), so you’ll just need to wait till this upgrade comes around.

+10% Damage – Omega: Kenn’s Salvage

Kenn’s Salvage is a store being operated on Omega by a young Quarian man. He can sell this upgrade to you.

+10% Damage – Tuchanka: Fortack’s Defense

Other than Ratch’s Wares, Fortack’s Defense is the only shop on Tuchanka. He sells the damage upgrade, assuming you’ve got the credits to spare.

+50% Shield Piercing

This upgrade will automatically be awarded to you after you get two of the damage upgrades, first.

+100% Extra Rounds

You’ll be able to upgrade to have twice the amount of rounds if you invest in three of the shotgun damage upgrades.

How To Get Sniper Rifle Upgrades In Mass Effect 2

+10% Damage – Grunt Recruitment Mission

When on Grunt’s recruitment mission, you will fight through the outskirts of the research base where he is kept. After fighting several waves of Krogan in this region, you’ll have to head up some stairs. There, you find a scannable sniper rifle that will provide this 10% bonus damage to sniper rifles upgrade.

+10% Damage – Garrus Loyalty Mission

Progressing through Garrus’ Loyalty mission has you up against a number of Blue Suns mercenaries. Just before moving to the exterior of Fade’s hideout, your squadmates will comment that something is incoming – a YMIR Mech. Kill it and move into the office where there are shutter controls, but grab the loot (including hacking the terminal for the sniper rifle damage upgrade) before accessing them.

+10% Damage – Reaper IFF

This sniper rifle damage upgrade is found shortly after entering the inside of the Reaper during this story mission. You’ll have to fight a group of husks, and then head down a walkway. You’ll hear gunfire – someone else is shooting husks, and your party comments on it. At the end of the walkway, a Cerberus Rifle you find will give the upgrade.

+10% Damage – Lair of the Shadow Broker Mission

The sniper rifle upgrade is available as a delivery, once you’ve completed the Shadow Broker missions. One is available per day (or per mission), so you’ll just need to wait till this upgrade comes around.

+10% Damage – Citadel: Rodam Expeditions

Rodam Expeditions, a store on the Citadel managed by a Turian named Etarn Tiron, will sell you one of these damage upgrades. To find it, head to the Zakera Ward’s Mid-Wards District.

+10% Damage – Omega: Omega Market

The Omega Market is exactly what it sounds like – a market on Omega. It’s run by a fellow named Marsh, and can sell you one of your damage upgrades.

+50% Armour Piercing

You’ll need to invest some time and resources in your snipers before getting this one, since it’s automatically awarded to Shepard once you already have two of the damage upgrades.

+50% Headshot Damage

Adding three damage upgrades to your sniper rifles will automatically award you this upgrade option.

How To Get Assault Rifle Upgrades In Mass Effect 2

+10% Damage – Mordin Recruitment Mission

The assault rifle damage upgrade is found on Mordin’s recruitment mission before you meet him. Shepard must traverse the slums of Omega, first.

You speak to a batarian who is injured on the ground, move on to find a batarian dead that you can’t help, and then go upstairs, through the door, heading right, and enter Kokomo Plaza. There are several Blue Suns to beat, here. Once they’re dead, go behind the main barricade and scan the dead mercenary to acquire your assault rifle upgrade.

+10% Damage – Tali Recruitment Mission

This damage upgrade is easy pickings – it’s found in the same room where you speak with Tali for the first time, during her recruitment mission, over the comm system. You’ll get it by scanning the disassembled Geth rifle.

+10% Damage – Samara Loyalty Mission

Samara’s loyalty mission involves chasing down her daughter, Morinth. Eventually, you find yourself inside Morinth’s apartment. There’s an assault rifle hung on the wall which, if scanned, yields this upgrade.

+10% Damage – Zaeed Loyalty Mission

Choosing the Renegade route for Zaeed’s loyalty mission means you can unlock this upgrade but bars you from accessing the heavy ammo upgrade. Choosing the Renegade route means chasing after Vido as the facility burns down.

As you continue, watch out for a Trooper coming towards you across a bridge, because it’ll blow up and that’s when you should turn right and take out some Troopers and a Pyro who emerge. Enter the room they came from and access the terminal to get the upgrade.

+10% Damage – Lair of the Shadow Broker Mission

The assault rifle upgrade is available as a delivery, once you’ve completed the Shadow Broker missions. One is available per day (or per mission), so you’ll just need to wait till this upgrade comes around.

+10% Damage – Illium: Gateway Personal Defense

The shop Gateway Personal Defense is a weapons depot on Illium where you can purchase this upgrade for the right price.

+10% Damage – Tuchanka: Fortack’s Database

On Tuchanka, the store called Fortack’s Database can sell you this upgrade.

+25% Penetration

The penetration upgrade is received after you get two of the damage upgrades, first.

Accuracy Improvement

Improving your accuracy takes time in the real world too – in order to access this upgrade, invest in three damage upgrades first. Then, it’s automatically given to you.

How To Get Heavy Weapons Upgrades In Mass Effect 2

+15% Heavy Weapon Ammo – Freedom’s Progress Mission

During this mission, you’ll eventually reach the cargo docks and face a YMIR Mech. Once you manage to take it out, you can head to the objective building. Before you enter it, though, scan the damaged mech out front to receive the upgrade.

+15% Heavy Weapon Ammo – Mordin Loyalty Mission

This heavy weapon ammo upgrade is found while looking for Mordin’s ex-lab assistant, Maelon. You will traverse a hospital before exiting to the research lab exterior. When you manage to push through this area, you’ll finally fight a group of varren and krogan led by Chief Weyrloc Guld.

After taking them out, you’ll have to go across a bridge and down some stairs. There’s a door ahead to enter Maelon’s lab, but you need to wait a minute; hacking the terminal at the bottom of the stairs is what provides this upgrade.

+15% Heavy Weapon Ammo – Zaeed Loyalty Mission

Choosing the Paragon route for Zaeed’s loyalty mission means you can unlock this upgrade but bars you from accessing the assault rifle upgrade. The Paragon route leads you to try and save the burning facility.

You’ll need to find fuel control stations, and the final one is across a catwalk. Head towards where the catwalk goes down and enter the room, where the heavy weapon ammo upgrade is waiting.

+15% Heavy Weapon Ammo – N7: Blood Pack Base

You won’t have to go searching for this upgrade – it’s awarded upon completion of this mission, N7: Blood Pack Base.

+15% Heavy Weapon Ammo – Arrival

The Arrival mission requires you to sneak in, alone, to a Batarian research base to save an undercover Alliance operative. On your stealth mission journey inside, you’ll reach a point where you must turn gas valves to redirect fire.

There are two areas to discover past the gas vaults. To continue the story you’ll want to head up the ramp, but make sure you investigate the room straight ahead first because it holds this heavy weapon ammo upgrade.

+15% Heavy Weapon Ammo – Omega: Kenn’s Salvage

Kenn the Quarian on Omega will sell this upgrade to you at his shop, Kenn’s Salvage.

+15% Heavy Weapon Ammo – Tuchanka: Ratch’s Wares

Ratch’s Wares, one of two stores on Tuchanka in the Urdnot Camp, will sell one of these ammo upgrades to you.

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