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Marvel’s Avengers Permanently Discounts Numerous Cosmetics

A recent in-game sale may have ended, but Marvel’s Avengers has decided to keep the reduced prices. As of today, you’ll be able to find various cosmetics on sale for half their usual price.

When you log into the game, you’ll be greeted with a pop-up that says, “Based on your feedback, we are keeping the 50% discounts on Takedowns and Emotes from last week’s sale and making them the new regular price of these items.” Here’s a quick rundown of the pricing changes:

  • Epic Takedowns: 600 credits (Previously 1200)
  • Legendary Emotes: 500 credits (Previously 1000)
  • Epic Emotes: 250 credits (Previously 500)
  • Rare Emotes: 125 credits (Previously 250)

That’s quite the markdown for a game just launched in September. Over the past two months it’s had no shortage of hurdles to overcome. At one point its numbers on Steam were barely clearing 1,000 and – most recently – it was giving away free content to entice players to return to its barren servers.

Aside from releasing a broken product, some of the blame could be pointed at aggressive microtransactions. Before this price cut, you’d need to spend $12 to purchase an Epic Takedown. For a game they already dropped $60 on, that may have rubbed players the wrong way.

There’s a lot more that needs to be fixed in Marvel’s Avengers before its servers are full of players again, but at least Square Enix is trying to move in the right direction. Microtransactions are a good start, but it still needs robust end game content and more cohesion between the single-player and multiplayer experiences.

Marvel’s Avengers was delayed for next-gen consoles, now scheduled to launch in 2021. The same goes for its Kate Bishop DLC, an addition that was supposed to land in October but will instead hit later this year. It’s possible that launching on new consoles and adding a new character to the mix will bolster its numbers, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. While we’re hopeful the ship will be righted before it sinks, things aren’t looking very good.

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