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Mario Strikers: Battle League – How To Farm Coins

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Mario Strikers: Battle League offers many ways for you to personalize your team to dominate the field on and offline. While having a solid team composition is crucial to emerging victorious, equipping your team members with the best gear available will also give you a significant advantage over your opponent.

However, earning that gear is easier said than done as you will need lots of Coins to purchase the best of the best, which can be time-consuming at best and overly tedious at worst. But, all hope isn't lost, as there are several ways you can rake in large sums of currency to speed up the process and make things more manageable.

Coins Overview

As you participate in the many modes and activities in Mario Strikers: Battle League, you will naturally accumulate Coins through finishing matches, winning Cups, and more. While there are a couple of things you can spend your Coins on, using them to equip your team with gear is their primary purpose.

While some methods of earning Coins are more straightforward and less time-consuming than others, there are many ways for you to accrue a nice chunk of change by just playing the game, which is always a plus. The table below lists all possible ways to earn Coins in Battle League!

All Coin Rewards

ActivityCoin RewardReward Type
Replay a Normal Cup Battle Tournamentx50 CoinsRepeatable
Replay a Galactic Cup Battle Tournamentx100 CoinsRepeatable
Achieve victory in a Quick Battle Matchx10 CoinsRepeatable
Suffer a loss in a Quick Battle Matchx2 CoinsRepeatable
Emerge victorious in an Online Quick Battle Matchx20 CoinsRepeatable
Suffer defeat in an Online Quick Battle Matchx5 CoinsRepeatable
Win a match in Strikers Clubx30 CoinsRepeatable
Lose a match in Strikers Clubx15 CoinsRepeatable
Finish the Training Matchx800 CoinsOne-Time
Access the Gear Settings Menu for the first timex400 CoinsOne-Time
Complete a Normal Cup Battle Tournamentx400 CoinsOne-Time
Finish Normal Mode (Earn every Cup)x500 CoinsOne-Time
Complete a Galactic Cup Battle Tournamentx1,000 CoinsOne-Time
Finish Galactic Mode (Earn every Cup)x1,000 CoinsOne-Time

What To Do With Coins

Coins, as mentioned before, have a couple of ways to use them, with purchasing gear for the playable characters being their primary use. If you want to obtain every piece of equipment for every character in the game, you will need to accumulate 32,000 Coins, which will take lots of time and dedication. However, you won't need nearly as much if you only want to focus on a specific group of characters.

The second use for Coins in Battle League is to replay Revenge Matches, allowing you to take another shot at beating your opponent. Basically, once you lose a match in the Cup Battle Mode, you will have one Revenge Match free of charge. But, if you lose that Revenge Match, you can pay up with Coins to take another crack at it.

Each subsequent retry will cost more, so don't use this feature much unless you know you can beat the opposing team.

How To Farm Coins

When farming Coins in Mario Strikers: Battle League, your options are somewhat limited if you want to stick to the highest payout with the shortest amount of time spent. As outlined above, there are several ways to earn Coins in the game, but some of the activities in the game are not worth doing if your ultimate goal is to accumulate as many Coins as possible.

Realistically, three modes provide a high payout rate that we recommend repeatedly running to rake in Coins, which we will touch on more below. However, if you want to get large amounts of Coins with little to no effort, please double-check if you completed every "One-Time-Chance" activity outlined in the section above.

Galactic Cup Battle Mode

Rerunning Galactic Cup Battle Tournaments will reward you with 100 Coins per win, resulting in 300 Coins if you win the Cup. While this payout isn't exceptionally high, this method offers the most Coins overall and can be done relatively quickly if you have a good enough team to compete in Galactic Mode. The more you run Galactic Mode, the better you will become at it, which will make games go by faster each time, especially once you start outfitting your team with better gear.

If you have yet to unlock Galactic Mode in Battle League, follow this guide to learn how to do so!

Strikers Club Mode

Strikers Club Mode rewards the second-highest payout in the game but requires you to join a Strikers Club and faceoff against other members who are part of the Club. While the online aspect may be off-putting to some, the rewards may be worth it for you. Winning a Strikers Club match will provide you with 30 Coins, with a loss still rewarding you with 15 Coins. If you join a populated Strikers Club, the benefit is that you can run matches all day long and rake in currency whether you win or lose.

Online Quick Battles

Lastly, if joining a Strikers Club isn't an option for you, you can run Online Quick Battles for a decent chunk of Coins per match. Winning a match will have you pocket 20 Coins, which is nothing to sneeze at, especially considering how fast some of these can be. However, the unfortunate news is that losing a match will only give you 5 Coins, making it feel like your time was wasted. While not the best option out of the three, playing Online Quick Battles may open the door for you to enter a Strikers Club, so we recommend giving it a shot!

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