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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, A Game Where Luigi Has A Sniper, At Its Lowest Price Ever

We get it–the premise for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is utter lunacy. Ubisoft’s wacky Rabbids somehow get smashed together with the Mario universe for a wild adventure through time and space, and also it’s a tactics game on top of that. It’s the most bizarre game you could possibly imagine.

And yet it works. The insane plot, the colorful world, the potent arsenal that you can equip to Mario and pals (including the crossover Rabbids and one very alluring Peach Rabbid)… it all just comes together in a neat little package that deserves its 85% on Metacritic and it’s 2 million-plus units in sales.

Eric said it was one of the best tactics games of the decade, and that’s saying something when it’s competing against the likes of Xcom and Into the Breach.

If you own a Switch, there’s really no reason to avoid Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Especially now that it’s on sale for its lowest price ever.

Last month, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition (that includes the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC) was on sale for $19.99. Now it’s on sale for $13.59. This is the lowest price it’s ever been. I’m certain that if this were just a Nintendo game it would never have gotten so cheap, but because Ubisoft has a special relationship with the Japanese game maker, they somehow manage to get away with a mega sale like this one.

So go buy Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition, and then when you’re done, you can get stoked for a possible sequel. The official Rabbids account recently changed its name from RabbidsOfficial to MarioRabbids, and we can’t think of any reason to do that unless there was going to be a sequel in the near future.

Or it’s possible that Ubisoft has given up on the Rabbids as their own cutesy little mascots and will forever merge them with the Mario universe. But we’re betting on a sequel.

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